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Thread: Beware Mold!

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    Beware Mold!

    I'm just getting over a ten-day long bout of aspergilliosis. I'm cleaning out mom's basement, which is why I just got home a fifth time in three weeks from NJ. It's getting old, but in the process, the mold got kicked up and Bibi and I both got aspergiliosis. I've never before been effected by mold... Never been 64 before, either.

    This was really bad news. 101F, and everything felt like I would never be well again. Caveat: I'm the world's WORST sick person. I suck at it, which is why I never allow myself to become sick, but it would appear I may be losing my touch.

    Be VERY careful around household mold because if it gets you, it will kick your ass in a way you will find most unpleasing.

    Also, while the pulmonary form is very bad, invasive aspergiliosis can be deadly, and if you develop aspergiliomas, you will have to go under the knife to have them removed. I never took it seriously... until now.

    Be careful out there. It's a vicious world.

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    My daughter is dealing with similar issues in her rental. They are sick ALL OF THE TIME! I keep telling her, she needs to move, but they drag their knuckles at the thought of moving, and, because of their procrastination they cannot get well.

    They have a roof that leaks when it rains, they have radiators that were leaking since they got there, into sub-flooring. I cannot impress upon her, enough, how BAD mold is for people's health. In some cases, a house with mold, down south, have no alternative but to burn the house down, to rid the mold.
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    Boost your own Immune System,, by any methods that suit you.. Many Known spices and herbs,, Citrus ,,hot or sweet,, etc

    Build up personal Defense..
    It also, will help fight the stuff.

    65, ,and they are making new bugs to try to get me.
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    Aww I am sorry ya'll are getting sick. If it was me I would be making a spray with using Chlorine Dioxide and spraying the hell out of my face including nose mouth eyes and ears.

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    Don't know if it would help this at all - but N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is really good for respiratory conditions, and coconut oil is a natural antifungal. I discovered the last when I was drinking "bulletproof coffee" in the morning (coffee+coconut oil/butter blended up), and my sinus infection disappeared - went online and discovered a lot of people had that happen - turned out my sinus infection was a fungal one.

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    Ya I cant stand basement mold makes my nose run at first contact so I avoid it at all costs. Pretty common around here as most basements built last century are not dry.
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    Wow, that sucks, Osan.

    Hope you get better soon.

    I'm cleaning out my mom's basement right now and once it is empty, I want to power wash the walls and floors to knock down 60 years of dust. There isn't a mold problem now, but I'm hoping that mold won't have much to eat on with an empty, unfinished basement.

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