Even the notorious vaccine pusher Bill Gates has admitted that the COVID vaccines aren't "effective" at all:
We also need to fix the three problems with the vaccines. The current vaccines are not infection-blocking, they’re not broad – so when new variants comes up you lose protection – and they have a very short duration.
That's really admitting that the clot shots aren't effective at all (at preventing COVID that is).

Of course it's ridiculous to argue for vaccines for mutating viruses, as the best they could (theoretically) make are vaccines for last year's strain. This is obviously leading to approving mRNA vaccines for the latest variant of viruses in a couple of weeks without medical trials.

Maybe even scarier, they are preparing an “aerogel” you inhale to prevent transmission. Could they use this to (chemtrail like?) vaccinate the population?
We think you can also have, very early in an epidemic, a thing you can inhale that will mean that you can’t be infected. A blocker, an inhaled blocker.