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Thread: The U.S has likely attacked Russia in Crimea - we are close to war.

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    The U.S has likely attacked Russia in Crimea - we are close to war.

    There is a highly significant nature to the explosions in Crimea's Saki air base that occurred.

    No missiles struck those ammo stores. Was it sabotage? Unlikely.. as there were 7-10 virtually simulataneous explosions
    at more than one location, and I've heard Christoforou lean on the "sabotage" explanation - but I'm not inclined to believe it. I don't think he happened to consider it was a DEW strike. 99% of people do not. It is understandable.

    What I am inclined to speculate took place, knowing that American sats are directing Ukrainian missile strikes, and this was not a missile strike, is that a secret American DEW military sat or plane shot DEW at the Crimean ammo stores. We know that the recently brought to mainstream use American DEW lasers are invisible. Therefore a beam would not have been seen by anyone. This is the technology that was experimented with to produce crop circles in the 1990s.

    The timing of this attack coincides with the Russian-Iranian military cooperation announcement and satelite launch. We can be sure Putin knows exactly what happened. It is a deniable but evident strike by the United States against Russia! Things are definitely going to escalate. Russia has held back from using any of its secret weapons in this conflict. That may change. Watch out for strikes (deniable) against America proper - in the homeland, which would be tit-for-tat, especially if this happes again.

    Expert casts doubt on report that Ukrainian special forces behind Crimea airfield attack
    Russia claims the Crimea blast was the result of an ammunition explosion
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