Are Floridians Safe From Medical Tyranny & FBI Gun Permit Snooping? No, Says Attorney

The New American
August 8, 2022

Despite Florida’s reputation as a stalwart defender of medical freedom and resistance to lawless federal activities, Florida citizens are NOT safe from medical tyranny and forced medicine, or from Biden FBI efforts to vacuum up information on concealed-carry weapons permits, warned Florida attorney and American Freedom Information Institute chief Shawn McBride in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman on Conversations That Matter. According to McBride, state statutes still purport to allow the state’s health authorities to force medical treatments and other abuses on citizens against their will. State laws also appear to facilitate federal intrusion into the privacy of Florida’s concealed-carry permit holders, even as the FBI goes around the country gobbling up state databases on carry permits in the states that still require them. This should be rectified by the legislature as soon as possible, said McBride.