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Thread: Does Rand Paul support designating Russia as state sponsor of Terrorism?

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    Does Rand Paul support designating Russia as state sponsor of Terrorism?

    This "nonbinding resolution" is passed by unanimous consent (voice vote).

    Has Rand spoke on this? Does he anywhere support it? This seems like it was a big deal.
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    Here's the only article I see about it:

    'Long overdue': Pelosi affirms support for labeling Russia a sponsor of terrorism

    July 21, 2022

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday that she’s urging the State Department to label Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism, just as a Senate-led effort on the subject gains momentum.

    Every senator except for Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has agreed to quick consideration of a resolution calling on Secretary of State Antony Blinken to make the designation. All 100 senators must consent to a bill in order for it to be fast-tracked on the floor. Paul is still reviewing the measure, his office said.
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    "Such use of their own legislation, contrary to international law, may be seen by senators and congressmen as a terrible punishment that can force Russia to live according to the rules-based world order invented by the United States. They are naive. At the same time, it is forgotten that any action is met with reaction, and the logical result of such a step may end of diplomatic relations, after which Washington risks finally crossing the point of no return with all the logical consequences," Zakharova told a briefing.
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