Christians, right wing folks, etc. have mostly let the left take over the culture. We've let "that" side run roughshod over our existing institutions, universities, entertainment industries, etc. These are indisputable facts. We have been and are still paying for those decades of sitting back in the corner. Now is the time to rise up and bring back righteousness in society in the bubbles that we are able to influence. Start small.

Remember, leftists want you either "re-educated" or dead. They think we are scum of the earth as they reign above us with their self-perceived and self-diagnosed high IQs. It's time to press back for truth and light in this darkness they are spreading draped in human ego.

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Live At Peace With All Men

Brandon T. Ward

Updated: June 29, 2022
Published: June 29, 2022

If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.
Romans 12:18


It’s such an evasive word these days. The people who shout for peace the most, are typically those who want it the least. They only want peace on their terms, and they are unwilling to compromise.

That statement truly defines our world today.

If governments are not busy fighting amongst each other for power and wealth, the people fight among each other for their perceived ideals. While God said we should live peaceably with all men, He also said, “if it be possible”.

Today, that’s no longer possible in many cases.

While the world has always been filled with hostility and violence, today we see Christians continually pushed into a corner. We are told to be “tolerant,” and that we should be “unified” as a society.

The only problem is, those buzzwords are only echoed by those who want nothing to do with God. In essence, they want us to relinquish our Christian faith and accept their sinful and perverse ways. God is an inconvenient reminder of truthfulness and morality for these people.

Contrary to what many might think, God is very “tolerant”. Go read the Old Testament if you doubt that statement. You will read page after page of God continuing to deal with the Israelites despite their continual sin, (Nehemiah 9:9-39).

To the dismay of some, one day, God will “unify” all people under His Government. There will be no protests, there will be no lies, and greed will not rule policy. There will not even be a “left” or “right,” (Revelation 21:24, 27).

Instead, there will only be God’s Laws which are always right and true.

Remember that and be encouraged by it.

However, until then, we must live in this world. We must continue to share the Christian faith with the entire world as Jesus Christ instructed, (Mark 16:15). In fact, that task is actually the most prophetically important event you as a Christian can take part in, (Matthew 24:14).

In order to promote our Christian faith, we must be allowed to share it with society.

Therefore, we cannot allow evil to overcome us.

Romans 12:21
Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good.

There we have it.

Do not allow the evil in the world to extinguish your Christian flame. Never allow evil to win! Instead, it’s time for Christians to overcome the great evil that has gripped our world.

No longer can we “go along to get along”.

If our societal neighbors do not want peace, then we are not obliged to give it to them. We are, however, obligate to always be respectful, standing strong in the Lord and promoting His Word without end. That is how we gain ground and bring more people into the faith.

We do not back down, and we do not allow evil to reign or prosper.

For Christians who fight and bicker with each other over their petty Biblical differences. It’s time to lay it aside and make peace with your Christian neighbors. It’s time to stand united against the wicked of the world.

I guarantee you, they are unified in their resolve to destroy us and our faith.