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Thread: Left Libertarian: A Tradition That Champions Equality and Social Justice

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    So an older libertarian is more likely to do anything and everything to avoid being called names, including being SJWs themselves and virtue signaling, while younger libertarians are not as sensitized. As a matter if fact, I would also add to Smith’s idea here that younger people have seen the opposite. They see social justice as being institutionalized, and being used by the state and it’s minions as a way to unfairly attack people. If anything is “systemic” today, it is wokeism and social justice warrioring.
    Great insight. I resent being called any kind of "-ist" because it's (a) it's false and (b) it's a dangerous insult that can have IRL repercussions, including losing your job or even becoming unemployable, especially nowadays with the permanent LinkedIn/Facebook record of everything you have ever done by machines that can never forget. However, I certainly don't care about the insult in the sense that I consider it to be nothing more than a tactical move made by an opponent whenever they are losing the argument and want a quick and easy escape. It's the debate equivalent of throwing marbles on the floor. I wouldn't get up in arms about being called an "-ist" label because only a total lowlife throws that kind of insult without an actual cause... and I don't value the opinions of lowlifes. I don't think the older generation (older than millenial) is the same in that respect. I think many of them take it very personally and not just because of the potential IRL repercussions, but for some other reason. It's more like calling someone from the WWII generation a son-of-a-b!tch... those were out-and-out fighting words, not an insult-of-affection between "homies".
    Jer. 11:18-20. "The Kingdom of God has come upon you." -- Matthew 12:28

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    The only principle that leftarians have is that they should be allowed to indulge whatever vices and crimes appeal to them.
    This is not correct. There are some left-libertarians who are carrying on the mantle of bohemian classical liberalism, and they are just libertines who try to justify their dog-like morals with sophistry. However, these are not the only kind of left-libertarians, nor do I think they represent what left-libertarianism can become, that is, its potential.

    Conservative libertarianism is incomplete. It is like traditional Protestantism -- doctrinally unassailable, academically dense, thoroughly reasoned, but bleak, bare, sparse and with all the charm of a funeral service. It is clearly lacking something. It lacks vibrancy and life. And that lack is not just a "detail" that can be "addressed" later on... it's the flaw of the liberty movement, it is how the R/D mono-party establishment is able to trample liberty, year and year, decade after decade.

    Until conservatives are honest with themselves about what they lack, the status quo will continue unchanged. The broad mass of the public will never build up around a movement that has the joie de vivre of a small-town museum on a Tuesday morning. Conservative liberty-lovers have mind. They have facts. But left-leaning liberty-lovers have something they lack: heart and the love of life. Both sides can go on in denial indefinitely, of course. And liberty can also be trampled indefinitely, and that is precisely what will continue to happen until conservative liberty-lovers give up their egos, get off their "I TOLD YOU SO" high-horses, and start making friends with people who also love liberty, but from a different starting-point and for different reasons.

    Even some participants on this forum are rural snobs who openly fantasize about the devastation of cities, which are the backbone of the modern world. Way to go, doing the heavy-lifting of the enemies of liberty who seek to suppress human freedom by keeping those who cherish it, divided and at each other's throats. I am happy to hold hands with someone with left/socialist tendencies as long as they are not insidious. Most of them are not insidious leftists and many of them are deeply grieved by the very same tyranny that is oppressing those of us who are conservative liberty-lovers. But if you can't see past your blue-jeans and pickup-trucks, you're never going to reach across that aisle and find the common-ground you really do have with left-leaning liberty-lovers. And many of them would come out of the coma of socialism if somebody just bothered to explain a few basic facts of economics to them. Not all of them, but many of them. But we don't even try because "Ew, they're leftists!"
    Jer. 11:18-20. "The Kingdom of God has come upon you." -- Matthew 12:28

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    Couldn't get past the first 2 paragraphs.

    Although not sure how to solve the issue of privitazing everything into the hands of the same few groups who already own or control everything.

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