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Thread: Global Elites Starve Africa To 'Punish' Russia

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    Global Elites Starve Africa To 'Punish' Russia

    Global Elites Starve Africa To 'Punish' Russia

    UN World Food Program head David Beasley announced yesterday that global food rations for refugees will need to be cut in half due to the unprecedented food crisis. How much of this crisis is man-made as the elites use food as a weapon in what has turned out to be a futile effort to punish Russia? How much of the food and energy crisis is actually being cheered by those pushing the "green" agenda? Also today: Slovakia miffed that Germany won't replace junky Soviet tanks sent to Ukraine with shiny new German models for free.
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    It's not just Africa they want to starve. They want to starve the entire planet until the global elites get what they demand.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    It's not just Africa they want to starve. They want to starve the entire planet until the global elites get what they demand.
    This is precisely so.

    As for punishing Russia, I doubt Theye are that clueless. I generally despise the Russians for their impossible will to the most absurd political stupidities imaginable, but I must nevertheless give them due credit for being able to live VERY skinny lives. They may be sphincters of the lowest order, eclipsed by only a few other groups like the Chinese, but they are very tough people, unlike Americans who are lousy-spoiled and idly watching as the greatest blessing of all human civilized history is dismantled, piecemeal.

    This crap is all theater - 100%. If you believe that any of this is real in the sense of being "organic", you need to get your head examined. Russia is an irrelevancy - not even amounting to rounding error where the overarching globalist agenda is concerned. Theye want it ALL, do NOT want to share, and want the least number of useless eaters left remaining, solely to serve Themme, at least until such time as AIs advance to the point of no longer needing human servants, for they shall have their robots, and trust me, that is coming.

    "Government" represents not an entity in sé, but a mob of fellow humans with no more authority to act as bosses, than do you.

    We get what we tolerate and we deserve what we get precisely because we tolerate it.

    Our acceptance of "tolerance" is prima facie proof of just how degraded we are as a species. Qualified tolerance, yes. Blind tolerance as we now so fully enjoy, no.

    Weakmen are the rule, Freemen the exception.

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