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Thread: "Woke" Capitalism Is An Economic Disaster In The Making

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    "Woke" Capitalism Is An Economic Disaster In The Making

    "Woke" Capitalism Is An Economic Disaster In The Making

    Every form of authoritarianism has been tried (many times over) in an attempt to turn free human beings into obedient robots. The failure rate is 100%. "Woke" Capitalism, with "ESG scores" for corporations, and "social credit scores" for individuals, are merely the newest iteration. They too are destined for disaster. The costliest lesson in all of economic and political history is that freedom always prevails.
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    Some would call this a crazy conspiracy theory.

    Unseen Dark Hand: The Man Who Uses YOUR Money to Make Corporations Go Woke | Larry Fink, Blackrock CEO

    ESG: Is This Green Iron-fist Fantasy a Major Cause of Inflation and Economic Destruction?
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