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We are in Clown World now. And whose fault is it? I will tell you: it is my fault. I will not ease the blow to my ego by equating your faults and failures with mine. No, my sins alone are sufficient, no additional fuel needs to be added to the fire. When counted justly, by Holy God, my sins alone are enough to burn down an entire world. It's not easy to see, I will grant you that. At first, it can seem like an exaggeration but it's not. Paul called himself the chief of sinners not because he was an Olympian of sinning but because the greatest sin is MY sin.

Do you want to know how the devil's Clowns are able to keep the contradiction in suspension? How are they able to pull off this great, evil magic trick whereby the impossible is made real, where death is made to breathe the breath of life, where evil things -- the weakest of all things -- have supreme omnipotence, where the objectively undesirable is the only thing that people chase? I will tell you the secret: the great power of the devil and his Clowns is hidden in my forefinger. Because the moment I point my finger at someone else, in accusation, I am telling a lie. The lie I am telling is that my sin is not the chief sin, and that I am not the chief of sinners. The lie I am telling is that there is some other sinner out there, far worse than me, whose sins -- far worse than mine -- are the real culprit for the sorry state of the world.

I am not the only one who delegates this great power to the devil, but I am the only that matters. The devil busily aggregates all the tiny delegations of power from all those pointed fingers and he shapes them into the great monolithic evil of our present world, like the enrichment of countless tiny grains of Uranium ore into a powerful nuclear bomb. That is the secret of how the great, evil magic trick works.

I'm withdrawing my grain of Uranium -- my pointed finger -- from that great, evil magic trick. And while there's enough destructive power in that one grain alone to destroy an entire world, the devil will not be completely defeated until we have each withdrawn our grain and put away the pointed finger of accusation. The only house I need to clean is my own. The only affairs I need to put into order are my own. The only tongue I can control is my own. The only hands I can turn from doing evil to doing good are my own...