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Thread: Is China About To INVADE The United States? (Possible, Leaked)

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    Is China About To INVADE The United States? (Possible, Leaked)

    Podcast Version:

    Had to shorten the title:

    SOURCES: China preparing for “D-Day” INVASION of the continental United States, with forces to land on the beaches of California, as Biden and Newsom serve as China’s accomplices

    (Natural News) Leaked audio that appears to have originated from a meeting of China’s top war generals reveals elaborate plans for a land invasion in the near future, waged by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and augmented with cyber warfare, orbital space weapons and the activation of CCP civilians currently embedded in corporations and governments around the world.

    This is the bombshell that has emerged from the leaked audio out of China, for which a full English translation and transcript has now been published by whistleblower Jennifer Zeng at this link. (The English translation is somewhat rough but still very useful.)

    Yesterday I interviewed John Moore ( who offered extensive details on this plan. His source, in turn, is JR Nyquist, with whom I spoke yesterday in a private phone conversation. (I am interviewing Nyquist today during the fourth hour of the Alex Jones Show, where I’m a fill-in host. See that at

    I’m also scheduled to interview Nyquist in much more detail Monday, with that interview to be posted Tuesday next week at my channel on, which will also post the recent interview with John Moore:

    HR Report channel link on

    Some of the highlights of all this, which I cover extensively in today’s Situation Update podcast (see below), including the following conclusions and/or claims. Note that no one can yet prove this is the active plan of China at this moment, but it appears that such plans are being actively pursued:

    Full article at link at top.
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    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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    tree son

    why I should worship the state (who apparently is the only party that can possess guns without question).
    The state's only purpose is to kill and control. Why do you worship it? - Sola_Fide

    Baptiste said.
    At which point will Americans realize that creating an unaccountable institution that is able to pass its liability on to tax-payers is immoral and attracts sociopaths?

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    (a) This is a primary reason that global foreign influence in US domestic politics is so keen on launching a nationwide gun-grab

    (b) This is why we need to end DC corruption through non-revolutionary channels. The moment we are forced to go to war with our own national capital is the moment the Chinese troops will land on the beaches of the West coast. You can't simultaneously fight a revolution against your capital and pick off Chinese troops while hiding behind every blade of grass...

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    I don't think that will happen anytime soon imo, but as far as a Taiwan invasion, It seems like only a matter of time
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    I very seriously doubt it.

    I have no doubt that they have "gamed" the scenario.

    But that is not even remotely the same thing as adopting it as an actual policy objective.

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    I'm more inclined to believe they will invade Taiwan before they invade the US.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Only if China wanted to commit suicide would they invade the United States.

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