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Thread: Mass Shooting in Chicago

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    Mass Shooting in Chicago

    2 killed, 8 wounded in mass shooting outside a Chicago McDonald's

    A suspect is in custody after two people were killed and eight others wounded in a mass shooting in downtown Chicago late Thursday night.

    Police said it happened just after 10:40 p.m. outside a McDonald's a few blocks from the city's Magnificent Mile shopping district. One of the eatery's windows was shattered during the shooting.

    Police confirmed to CBS Chicago that a suspect was in custody and a handgun was recovered at the scene.
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    2 killed in Chicago? That's not a mass shooting... that's a Friday
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    Mayor Beetlejuice is doing a bang up job keep the people of her city safe.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTexan View Post
    2 killed in Chicago? That's not a mass shooting... that's a Friday
    was my first thought..
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    why I should worship the state (who apparently is the only party that can possess guns without question).
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    At which point will Americans realize that creating an unaccountable institution that is able to pass its liability on to tax-payers is immoral and attracts sociopaths?

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