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Thread: Blinken Pours Cold Water On Positive Reports From Russia/Ukraine Talks

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    Blinken Pours Cold Water On Positive Reports From Russia/Ukraine Talks

    Blinken Pours Cold Water On Positive Reports From Russia/Ukraine Talks

    Negotiators from Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey to resume talks on a ceasefire and eventual settlement to the conflict. While early reports suggest progress was made, US Secretary of State Blinken threw cold water on the optimism. What gives? Also today: another Biden blunder - we're training Ukrainian troops in Poland?? Record military budget. And a new poll will leave Biden in tears...
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    The freaking State Department.

    "Nowadays we have diplomats work on wars for years before arranging them. That's so when it's over, nobody will know what they were fighting for. We lost thousands and spent billions, and you could hand a sheet of paper to one million different people and tell 'em to write down what the last war was for, and the only answer that will be alike will be, 'Damned if I know.'"--Will Rogers

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