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Thread: Joe Kent for Congress (WA-3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Yeah, we get it. You don't vote, you don't want anybody else to vote. Among other things, this forum has been dedicated to finding the best candidates to support. You don't have to vote for them or support them.

    Massie and Rand have both endorsed him. That is no guarantee, but we will see how Kent votes if he gets elected.
    No worries, I won't.

    Rand and Massie are among the best that we have, but their endorsements do nothing for me.

    According to the Mission Statement, this site was supposed to support "principles of freedom", not endorsements of NATO, Federal Law Enforcement and opposing trade among other countries and Russia.

    Edit: Least of all some I'm not allowed to say it Wall on the tax payer dime which Ron Paul himself opposes.

    - Our nation must retain a modern and highly skilled military, poised to strike and deter our enemies around the world at a moment’s notice. I support modernizing our force to focus on our main threat, China.

    - I fully support the men and women of our law enforcement community. I will fight any efforts to defund the police. I will fight to use the tools of federal law enforcement to dismantle the Antifa terrorist organization.

    - Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is our number one national security threat and is already at war with us.

    - We must strengthen our NATO alliance and ensure that NATO shoulders its share of the security burden and does not support Russia by purchasing Russian oil and gas.
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