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Thread: The Russia-Ukraine War

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    This Republican is a idiot.

    Ukraine's has a lot of issues and the ammunition isn't it.

    Most of its "modern" (by Russian standards) equipment is gone. There is no prospect for Russia to conquer Ukraine at this point and it is unclear that it can take any major city as long as Ukraine has ammunition.

    Why have so many US-made Abrams tanks been destroyed in Ukraine? Expert asks whether tank warfare still has a place on the battlefield after Russia knocks out several of the 3.3 million war machines

    Russia is isolated internationally as never before. Sanctions of some form will continue as long as it occupies parts of Ukraine. The diversion of liquidity and manpower to the military will have lasting negative impacts. No Russian war aims have been achieved.

    Saudi Arabia's petro-dollar exit: A global finance paradigm shift
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    This is coming from the same moron that got triggered over the Carlson Tucker interview

    Upset at Hungary's Orban has support from the population..
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    Russia can produce ammunition more then the west/us and they simply cant produce as they did during WW2.
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    as he urges world leaders to do “whatever it takes” to defeat Russia.
    G7 Girly clowns.

    Ukraine is the new Afghanistan.
    Indeed Ukraine is the new Afghanistan with being a graveyard for most of modern Western military equipment's.

    The public backlash points to accumulating war fatigue in Ukraine, concerns over how its army might regain territory from determined Russian forces, and fear that being sent to the front after a short stint of training amounts to a one-way trip.
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    President Joe Biden touted on Thursday several new major U.S. commitments for Ukraine that were announced this week, including a 10-year bilateral security agreement, sanctions to disrupt Russia's war machine, and a sign-off from the G7 on a $50 billion loan backed by frozen Russian assets.
    Bilateral? So Ukraine is going to send funds and troops to the US? Oh.

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    Roman Saponkov: Judging by the frequent attempts to attack our air defense in the south, everything is heading towards an imminent massive NATO air raid. The F-16s for strikes are already at a low start, and their “transfer” will traditionally be announced a couple of days after the first strikes from these F-16s. All the missing pilots will be found in NATO countries, but they won’t tell us about it.
    Most likely they will fly from countries bordering Ukraine. The target could be the group in Crimea and the Dnepr group. The enemy will try to gain air superiority by simply destroying our air defense and aircraft.

    G7 To Give Ukraine $50 Billion of Russian Assets

    Biden, Zelensky Sign 10-Year Bilateral Military Deal

    Putin's final olive branch:

    "Ukrainian troops must fully withdraw from Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics, and the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions – specifically from the entire territory of these regions within their administrative borders as they existed when they joined Ukraine. Once Kiev announces its readiness for this and begins the actual withdrawal of troops from these regions, as well as formally renounces plans to join NATO, we will immediately cease fire and start negotiations," said the head of state.

    "Today, we make another specific, real peace proposal. If Kiev and the Western capitals refuse it, as they have previously, then ultimately, it is their matter. Their political and moral responsibility for the continuation of bloodshed," he said.
    "When Sombart says: "Capitalism is born from the money-loan", I should like to add to this: Capitalism actually exists only in the money-loan;" - Theodor Fritsch

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    Quote Originally Posted by acptulsa View Post

    Yep, forced. Not a single one looks like they want to be there.

    An Agorist Primer ~ Samuel Edward Konkin III (free PDF download)

    The End of All Evil ~ Jeremy Locke (free PDF download)

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    Putin/Russia offers a counterbalance of a peace deal.

    The Propagandists MSM calls Putin Offer a Total Joke.

    Putin Just Proved Trump’s Peace Plan Is a total joke

    On Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin set out his conditions for halting the carnage, saying he’d agree to a ceasefire and start negotiating for peace if they were met. The trouble is: there is no way in Hell that Kiev would accept them.

    Total Joke
    Well i am sure the current puppet regime in Kiev will never accept such conditions and the only conditions they want Russia to accept are the 1991 agreement with the USSR.

    The 1991 agreement with the USSR itself a joke.

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    Putin's latest deal is how the war will end and how it always was going to end. The result was never really in question, the west just prolonged the suffering by supplying arms.

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    The more i read of the Zelegraph, Telegraph.

    The less i believe their headlines in Ukraine.
    From this.

    To this

    All these sensational Fake Media Articles come from the same media outlet wrote the following.

    How Britain’s Challenger II tanks could alter the battlefield in Ukraine

    The protection provided by the Chobham and Dorchester armour will enable the vehicles to survive direct hits from Russian T-72 tanks
    Does anyone still believe the Mainstream News Media on Ukraine after how they lied about Iraq? Libya? and Syrian War?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PAF View Post
    Yep, forced. Not a single one looks like they want to be there.
    I suppose they would rather be working in a German brothel for 1000 times the money.

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    The Reaction to Putin's/Russia's peace proposal by Western Leaders is predictable.
    They still believe that when Russia offers a peace proposal its sign of panic or weakness.

    The Dutch have no independence from the US.
    Its the EU that are pushing and hoping that Russia to retaliate.

    While thousands and thousands of Ukrainian Slavic men are being sacrificed.

    Dutch PM Rutte: No place in EU for Hungary with anti-LGBT law
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    They are just confirming what Lindsey Graham exposed about the war in Ukraine
    Why they care so much about Ukraine.

    They want Ukrankian minerals in Eastern Ukraine.

    A Peace Process without Russia and they reject Peace Deals from Russia they see Russia as weak.
    Well we shall see about calling Russia weak.

    Its Ukraine losing its population.

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    The Polish President Says Russia should be de colonized.

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    The fact that Putin came out with this crazy proposal yesterday shows you that he is panicking.
    The crazy proposal by the club of losers shows that G7 dont care about Ukraine at all its all about the resources and minerals as Lindsey Graham exposed as much.
    Point 1 is what Lindsey Graham was referring. The vast of the Minerals are in Eastern Ukraine and they want the Russians gone so they can grab by force.

    5. Ukrainian agricultural products must be supplied safely and freely to interested third countries.
    None of the Ukrainian agricultural products goes to the needy African countries as they claimed.
    The majority of the Ukrainian agricultural products will just go to Poland and other Euporean Countries driving up Euporean local prices up.

    They want this garbage to continue and they dont care about your farmers.

    Poland suspends food imports from Ukraine to assist its farmers

    freely to interested third countries
    A Complete BS lie none of the Ukrainian food ever goes to the third countries and our polticans think we are stupid for not noticing it.

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    We support Ukraine not out of charity, but because its people and their future are in our strategic interests
    President Kamala Harris

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    The Azov Brigade rose out of the volunteer Azov Battalion, with its roots in far-right and ultranationalist ideology. The fighters were on the front lines fighting pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine from 2014; the battalion's founders were accused of having neo-Nazi sentiments.

    We're being governed ruled by a geriatric Alzheimer patient/puppet whose strings are being pulled by an elitist oligarchy who believe they can manage the world... imagine the utter maniacal, sociopathic hubris!

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    This statement is rich coming from a Polish whose country follows whatever the American masters say.

    The Poles were the only Eastern Euporean country to send its troops during the Iraqi war.

    They will eat you. It’s their nature.”
    Never mind the American forces occpying Poland with their bases surrounding Russia borders..
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    When it comes to the debate of Ukraine, Crimea these Ukrankian supporters arent very intelligent.

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    This British Outlet is likely the best propaganda outlet Ukraine could ever pay for..

    Once a member of the G8, Vladimir Putin is now reduced to making state visits to Kim Jong-un, the eccentric dictator of a hermit state shunned by all but his Chinese patrons.

    Never mind how South Korea is arming up Ukraine or giving money to zelensky's govt

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    Some still believing that the Ukrainian food aid actual goes to needy countries when it doesnt.

    Will Odessa no longer ship grain?

    They've been demonstrating for months against Ukrainian imports and EU climate policies. Borders with Ukraine are blocked, leaving hundreds of Ukrainian trucks unable to cross.
    You want to know why the Euporean food prices had being inflated to rise? because of the Ukrainian grain imports being stored in Euporean Warehouses not a single one had left EU to the "Needy Countries"

    The Mainstream News Media will never tell its audience the truth on these Ukrainian imports expect giving you vague robotic answer.
    EU climate policies and food imports from Ukraine that they say threaten their livelihoods
    With unsold grain piled high, a Polish farmer faces an uncertain future as war in Ukraine grinds on

    The disruption of Ukrainian exports via the Black Sea led to a massive flow of grain across Poland’s border with Ukraine, driving down prices for food products. Inflation, meanwhile, has caused production costs and interest rates on loans to rise.
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    manic aggressions of sovereign nations near him
    Totally fine when Western countries under the banner of "International Based Orders" attack sovereign nations?
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    If anyone would be putting pressure to their Govt that would be the Urkanians.
    There is a reason why the Mainstream News Media refuses to acknowledge the lack of Ukrankian menpower.

    Russia isn't the one facing menpower issue.

    when they start getting attacked
    The Pro Ukrainian Bros had being claiming this since 2022.

    Ukraine’s new mobilization law leaves demobilization issue unresolved

    Although Ukrainian losses remain undisclosed,
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    Ukraine's least game changers didn't help.

    The attacks on inside Russia would be a huge mistake.

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    Censorship on the war on Ukraine
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    Ukraine loves to target civilians using Western Weaponry and Mainstream Media loves it.

    The same Mainstream News Media cries when Russia responds back.

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