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Thread: The Russia-Ukraine War

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    Russia has hit Ukraine's electrical grid, leaving thousands without power.

    Russian missiles pummel Ukraine's electrical grid, leaving thousands without power

    While the Mainstream News Media last year had claimed that Russia was running out of missiles and hypersonic missiles. Russia had attacked Ukraine's electrical grid with several 40+ missiles and 40+ drones..

    The Russians had completely destroyed Trypilska coal-powered thermal power plant near Kiev.

    The Ukrainian side is still claiming that they if they had more air defense this such attack wouldn't happen.

    Yet they were already given patriot missiles just last year.

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    Press Bureau of the SVR of Russia, April 9

    The Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation reports that the United States is resorting to increasingly desperate methods in its attempts to turn the tide on the Ukrainian theater of operations, replenishing the ranks of the demoralized soldiers of the Armed Forces with a multi-national rabble, prone to armed violence. According to data received by the SVR of Russia, to this end, US PMCs led by the Drug Enforcement Administration and the US FBI have begun recruiting Mexican and Colombian drug cartels serving sentences in American prisons to participate in the Ukrainian conflict on the side of the degrading Kiev regime.

    The first batch of thugs is planned to be thrown into the war zone in the summer of this year. Gangging will consist of several hundred Mexicans and Colombians. In case of consent to a “commandment”, they are promised a complete amnesty in the expectation that they will never return. If a pilot project to replenish the ranks of the Armed Forces by Latin American coal miners succeeds, then the program for recruiting flayer will be continued and even expanded at the expense of criminals from other countries in which a difficult criminal situation is noted.

    At the same time, the recruitment of foreign criminal elements into the ranks of the Ukrainian army is not without problems. Negotiations with drug lords are difficult, without the blessing of which no gangster will dare to cooperate with the American authorities, fearing for his life and loved ones. The gang leaders tend to sell their scumbags more expensively, jeopardizing the fulfillment of the American plan.

    Of course, the prospect of another influx of foreign "soldiers of good luck" from among the serial killers, drug addicts and rapists to the long-suffering lands of the Russian world is alarming. However, the plans of the Americans in this way to get a tactical advantage on the battlefield are doomed to failure. Administration J. Biden actually signs his powerlessness and once again demonstrates the failure of the Kiev regime she feeds on.

    If they agree to the "business trip," they are promised a complete amnesty in the expectation that they will never return.

    Does that mean that the expectation is that they'll get their dirt nap in Ukraine or that, if they survive, they will not return to the US?
    My two daughters and I were gang-raped by some of the Newcomers. It landed us in the hospital for 3 weeks as several bones were broken. I don't blame them, it was a sexual emergency and I wasn't about to go all white privilege and deny them the release they needed, especially after being stuck in a hotel for months. I see the Newcomers as family now. They are on our side and will help us stop Trump. It is a small price to pay. Anything but Trump.

    -GLP poster

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    Zelenskiy is a idiot by thanking Congress to pass this non bill.
    This Bill change nothing on the ground.

    Immediately after the bill passed, ZelenskIy released a statement expressing his gratitude to both parties “and personally Speaker Mike Johnson for the decision that keeps history on the right track”.
    “Democracy and freedom will always have global significance and will never fail as long as America helps to protect it,” he said. “The vital US aid bill passed today by the House will keep the war from expanding, save thousands and thousands of lives, and help both of our nations to become stronger. Just peace and security can only be attained through strength. We hope that bills will be supported in the Senate and sent to President Biden’s desk. Thank you, America!”

    Thousands of thousands of Slavic Ukrainian lives will be thrown into the meat grinder.

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    Ukrainian Soldiers Hope US Aid Will Spark A battlefield Turnaround.
    This how some in the Media are now seeing this US aid "Hope Will Spark a battlefield turnaround"
    They are seriously foolish if they believe this.

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    The British MSM Outlet Praises Ukrainian Fascist Azov brigade.

    The Telegraph praises the Ukrainian Neo Fascist Azov Bridge with Propaganda.

    Ukraine’s elite Azov brigade managed to steal a special Russian tank. This is why

    That tank – one of more than 2,600 Russia has lost in its 26-month wider war on Ukraine – was special. Strapped to its turret was an awkward cluster of antennae and radio transmitters. It was an electronic-warfare system; one the Russians hoped would block the radio signals connecting the Ukrainians’ FPV drones to their operators sitting in a trench, bunker or building miles away.

    The same Trash Outlet wrote this article a year ago.
    How Britain's Challenger II tanks could alter the battlefield in Ukraine

    Now they are back with the same old propaganda that they started out on 2022 during the middle of the Ukrainian/Russian conflict only mentioning how the Russians had lost 2,600.

    Never mind the begging by zelensky govt for more Western weapons and vehlics.

    Noticed how every Western Mainstream News Media outlets never mention on how many vehlics had lost during the start of the war and wont mention the number of actual Ukrainian soldiers that had being killed?

    Another failure for the so called "Journalism"

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    David Cameron:UK is not against Ukraine using British weapons inside

    UK is still hoping it can maintain its control and dominance for a 100 year...

    This is coming from the same David Cameron that lied about the Libyan intervention...

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    Kirby said “if Russia is worried to be hit by western weapons they should just leave.”

    Yet these same clowns then are saying "Russia's Nuclear Drills are Terrorism"
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    One evening in the biting winter cold of 2014, I went down to Maidan with my Ukrainian translator and her mother. It was packed, lively like a festival. "What do you think of all this?" My translator asked me as her mother waved a large Ukrianian flag above her head.

    "It won't end well." I replied.

    After covering Libya, Syria, you get to know the political movements that will only lead a country to ruin. An alliance of foreign money, oligarchs and ultra nationalist extremists was clearly in that bracket.

    I asked my translators lovely mother why she supported it. She said something along the lines of "Europe is richer than Russia. And I like going on holiday there." She had little magnets of the places she'd been to on her fridge. London, Paris, Spain. They were sold a dream of a bright European future.

    I was there when a statue of Lenin was pulled down in the late evening. With a truck and some chains. Down it fell and people cheered as it shattered on the ground. I picked up a piece. I think I've still got it at home. But most Ukrainians didn't want their statues pulled down. It wasn't what it was supposed to be about. Or rather it was. But they didn't know it.

    The East rose. Crimea lost. More statues pulled down. And eight years later, the real slaughter began.

    The ukrainians I know have already fled abroad. Those who claim to support Ukraine want them to stay and die.

    The dream turned to ashes by the inevitable hammer blow of political reality and great nation politics. People manipulated and left for dead for a misplaced chess move on the geopolitical map.

    And those who speak sense are silenced. Sometimes fatally. They'll silence the wise in order to manipulate the politically illiterate. Then give them flags to wave. And nations fall.

    Blame whoever you want. But it's a hell of tragedy. Other nations beware.

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    "You have a real opportunity to help forces of good and stop the war."
    Forces of good? lol who wrote that nonsense American defense public officials?

    What a German Public Official Clown...
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    ‘At war until you die’: Ukraine scraps service limit, angering tired troops

    “The enemy outnumbers us seven to 10 times,” Joint Forces Commander Yurii Sodol told lawmakers on Wednesday, urging them to pass the law.

    If Russia outnumbers Ukrainian forces seven to 10 times, how do the clueless senators expect Ukraine to win then?

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorLiberty View Post
    ‘At war until you die’: Ukraine scraps service limit, angering tired troops

    If Russia outnumbers Ukrainian forces seven to 10 times, how do the clueless senators expect Ukraine to win then?
    they don't. it's a money laundering and criminal network scam.
    "When Sombart says: "Capitalism is born from the money-loan", I should like to add to this: Capitalism actually exists only in the money-loan;" - Theodor Fritsch

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    they don't. it's a money laundering and criminal network scam.
    They can start making money by fixing up broken cities,bridges in the US first instated trying to push a global war that isn't going to end well for them either...

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    I dont amuse the British Clown forces are ready to fight agaisnt a superpower like Russia or China after what happened in Afghanistan.

    British forces lead dramatic war games in Estonia as Nato seeks to counter Russia threat: ‘We are ready to fight’

    reports from Nurmsi where he observes troops storming ‘Russian’ positions as part of Nato’s largest military exercises since the end of the Cold War
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    Its nothing but perpetual war contracts $$

    Who is armed & who “wins” doesn’t factor much into the business plan.

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    I am amused how many believe this article.

    The same Author wrote this.

    "As Massive shortage cripple Advance"
    Putin warned next step in Ukraine invasion impossible as massive shortages cripple advance

    Russia police launch major manhunt after troops massacred by comrade in occupied Ukraine

    Reality on the Ground is different...
    Ukraine outnumbered, outgunned, ground down
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    Ukraine could not exist without the combat power of its army. That is another way of saying the vitality of its young men. Therefore any real plan to preserve Ukraine as a nation would, per force, seek to minimize loss of men--even at the expense of territory. A defensive strategy at the outset would have included building successive defensive belts. There were more than eight years to do so. It never happened.

    The ghouls that "funded Ukraine" really subsidized the elimination of the Ukrainian people by way of human sacrifice ( by all appearances it is not stretch to say a generation of men has already been annihilated). I hope without believing something has taken note and they will get their just deserts.

    Here's a question: when is the last time a war ENDED a pandemic??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    @Occam's Banana

    “It is not true that all creeds and cultures are equally assimilable in a First World nation born of England, Christianity, and Western civilization. Race, faith, ethnicity and history leave genetic fingerprints no ‘proposition nation’ can erase." -- Pat Buchanan

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    Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis Meddling in affairs of another country.

    The Clowns meanwhile accuse China/Russia etc of "Meddling"
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    Zelensky is hinting on another "Ukrainian counteroffensive" in a interview.
    Refuses to have any peace or truce that favors according to Zelensky that favors "Enemy/Russia"

    In the interview Zelesnky kept begging for more

    "Everyone saw that we said we need two Patriot systems in the Kharkiv region. Yes, it's a lot of money, and one system costs $1.5 billion, but they voted for $60 billion. Could we have 3 of that and deploy two Patriot systems? Then bombs won't be falling on the heads of our soldiers."

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    Quote Originally Posted by WarriorLiberty View Post
    Zelensky is hinting on another "Ukrainian counteroffensive" in a interview.
    Refuses to have any peace or truce that favors according to Zelensky that favors "Enemy/Russia"

    In the interview Zelesnky kept begging for more
    How can he have another counteroffensive if he never had the first one?

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    A amusing question somewhere being asked.

    Why don't the Russian people rise up against Putin and his corruption, and outst him?
    The reason majority of the Russian people wont rise up agaisnt Putin and his Govt is simply because the majority of the Russian people remember well the last time when a Pro Western/Liberal goverment was in power in Russia.

    Boris Yeltsin govt implemented economic shock therapy which caused millions of Russians into poverty.
    Many Russian people and families couldn't afford to have money to buy food.
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    Free Press Ignoring Boris Johnson Hosting Ukrainian Neo Nazis

    Mainstream media IGNORING Boris Johnson hosting Ukraine neo-Nazi unit in parliament

    The media outrage is nowhere to be seen. But former prime minister Boris Johnson has welcomed a delegation from Ukraine’s neo-Nazi Azov Brigade to UK parliament.

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    The NATO Secretary General added that the alliance seeks to avoid a direct clash with Russia over Ukraine.
    Allowing Ukraine to use Western Weapons on Russian territory would be a direct clash with Russia over Ukraine.. By allowing Ukraine to use Western weapons to target inside Russia hoping that Russia falls or collapse is a wishing thinking phase.

    NATO looks nothing more than a modern rebranded form of "Nazis"

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    Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas explains to Europeans that peace talks are not needed.

    "Ukraine must win the war, and Russia must understand that it has lost. This is our plan A, B, and C. Words and sanctions are important, but they are not enough. Ukraine needs weapons, ammunition, and training. It also needs financial and economic support, and it needs it now. Our role and duty are not only to continue but to strengthen our support for Ukraine on all fronts,"

    This is our plan A, B, and C.
    I dont think Europe has a A, B nor C plans.
    Considering the economic situation in Estonia and cost of living in most Euporean Pro Kiev Governments are facing a tough situation with the cost of living and these sanctions on Russia seems to have backfired.

    Estonia's pro-Kyiv government faces election test amid cost of living crisis

    However, promises from the far-right EKRE party to slash energy bills by opposing the transition to green energy are proving popular in some parts of the country, as is a vow to shut the door to further Ukrainian refugees.

    Estonia's inflation reaching 23% inflation last summer, the highest in the euro zone and more than double its average.
    "People are really scared about the future, and the main parties, especially the governing parties, have no real answers," said Helme.
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