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Thread: Song by Kid Rock: "We The People"

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    Song by Kid Rock: "We The People"

    Kid Rock Lyrics

    "We The People"

    We the people in all we do
    Reserve the right to scream "$#@! you"
    (Hey-yeah) ow
    (Hey-yeah) huh
    "Wear your mask, take your pills"
    Now a whole generation's mentally ill
    (Hey-yeah) man, $#@! Fauci

    But COVID's near, it's coming to town
    We gotta act quick, shut our borders down
    Joe Biden does, the media embraces
    Big Don does it and they call him racist

    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people

    $#@! Facebook, $#@! Twitter too
    And the mainstream media, $#@! you too, too, too
    (Woo) yeah, you

    We the people (ooh, yeah)
    We the people

    Inflation's up, like the minimum wage
    So it's all the same, it ain't a damn thing changed
    You piece of $#@!, I don't see color
    "Black lives matter", no $#@! motherfucker

    But we gotta keep fighting for the right to be free
    And every human being doesn't have to agree
    We all bleed red, brother, listen to me
    It's time for love and unity

    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people

    $#@! CNN, $#@! TMZ
    And you social media trolls, y'all can suck on deez (deez)
    Deez nuts, that's what's up

    We the people (ha-ha)

    If you down with love and wanna make things better
    All we gotta do is just come together
    Weather the storm, and take my hand
    Then follow my lead to the promised land
    'Cause we the people, we gotta unite
    To follow that good time guiding light
    Climb aboard this love boat
    And rock that bitch up and down the coast

    In order to form a more perfect union
    Do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America

    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people (ooh, let's go Brandon)
    We the people

    Standing up, and standing tall
    'Cause it's all for one and it's one for all
    All, all, all
    We the people (ooh)
    We the people

    Let's go Brandon
    Let's go Brandon
    Let's go Brandon
    Let's go Brandon
    “The spirits of darkness are now among us. We have to be on guard so that we may realize what is happening when we encounter them and gain a real idea of where they are to be found. The most dangerous thing you can do in the immediate future will be to give yourself up unconsciously to the influences which are definitely present.” ~ Rudolf Steiner

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    Never really liked Kid Rock, but I'll take this song.

    "And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works." - Bastiat

    "It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." - Voltaire

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    At minimum, got to respect the nuts on this guy.
    It's all about taking action and not being lazy. So you do the work, whether it's fitness or whatever. It's about getting up, motivating yourself and just doing it.
    - Kim Kardashian

    Donald Trump / Trump Jr 2024!!!!

    My pronouns are he/him/his

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    "Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities." - Voltaire

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