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Thread: Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack On Ukraine For Political Gain?

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    Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack On Ukraine For Political Gain?

    Is Biden Admin Provoking Russian Attack On Ukraine For Political Gain?

    There's nothing like a nice little war to rescue sagging popularity ratings and Biden's approval is deep underwater. So is the plan to urge Ukraine to provoke Russia to attack? Republicans will cheer and Democrats will cheer. Only the dead will fail to cheer. Also today: Czech drops vax mandate, Starbucks drops vax mandate, Carhartt...insists on Vax mandate!
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    This a serious question?

    Hunter "I'm a filthy crack ho'" Biden gets into sticky business with Ukraine. He is exposed, but media et al ignore the issue, shrieking "It's TRUMP'S fault!!!" This may hold, or it may not. With midterms coming, who can say what might happen in the wake of Democrats being routed?

    So the threat of broad and deep discredit remains, however remotely.

    On top of it, a few Ukrainian elements pretty well tossed Biden under the bus... but no possible conflict of interest there at all for Biden, right? Conspiracy theory and all that.

    So what might Brandon want? The destruction of Ukraine in order to save his drug addict felon of a son, as well as his "image" - $#@!ty as it may be, it could get worse.

    So either conspire directly with Putin, or indirectly by doing everything possible to make an attack inevitable. Putin destroys Ukraine and all "evidence" is conveniently swept away in the chaos of war.

    One possible fly in that ointment: the evidence isn't destroyed, but secured by Putin, so be used as leverage against Biden for the coming two to six years. A lot can happen even in two short years.

    I'm surprised nobody else appears to be considering this angle.

    With some luck... OK, a LOT of luck, none of this comes to pass, Biden is charged, convicted, and hung by his neck, televised to the world.

    Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?
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