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Thread: The Resistance Library Podcast: The Betsy Ross Flag

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    The Resistance Library Podcast: The Betsy Ross Flag

    On this episode of The Resistance Library, Sam and Dave discuss the history and significance of the Betsy Ross flag.

    Second only to Old Glory itself, the Betsy Ross Flag is the American icon. Its clean design is similar to our current flag, with 13 stripes and only 13 stars in a circle (representing the equal status of what were then the 13 united individual sovereign nations). This simplicity is perhaps the reason for its popularity among American Patriots and Constitutionalists, as it hearkens back to an earlier time when America was still a place of freedom and resistance to tyranny.

    But while this flag is the oldest attested flag for the American nation, many people don’t know its history. Who was Betsy Ross? And how did this iconic design become one of the strongest symbols of freedom?

    Betsy Ross Flag: 5 Facts You Might Not Know and Their History originally appeared in The Resistance Library at
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