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Thread: Why Aren't Rand Paul and Ron Johnson Joining Forces to Put a Light on Vaccine Deadliness Now?

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    Why Aren't Rand Paul and Ron Johnson Joining Forces to Put a Light on Vaccine Deadliness Now?

    I support Rand's gain-of-function line of attack on Fauci, but the battlefield has changed in the last few months, and now evidence is overwhelming that the "vaccines" kill. A lot. So why isn't Rand joining Sen. Ron Johnson and spotlighting this?

    The juggernaut is steaming ahead, and I have no faith in the Supreme Court stopping anything. They will just shirk their duty again, while collecting their handsome $250K+ a year, plus the best bennies on the planet, and just do whatever their technocrat and billionaire overlords want. This must be stopped on a political level. Busting open the deadliness of the vaxxes cannot be swept under the rug, the way Fauci's crimes can, and have been.

    - The CDC's own data: COVID Vaccine-Associated Deaths Now 10,000% Higher Than All Other Vaccines Combined in CDC’s “Early Warning” System

    - Distinguished pathologists: Top Pathologists: Autopsies Show 40% of Deaths After COVID Vax Are Due to Vaccine-Induced Organ Attack

    - Peer-reviewed science (Toxicology Reports): Scientists in Top Peer-Reviewed Journal Say True Number of Vaccine Deaths May be in “Hundreds of Thousands”

    - Evidence, explained by former Pfizer Chief Science Officer Dr. Mike Yeadon, that 5% of vax batches are deliberately made in toxic dosages, in a giant "dose range finding" experiment.
    Ex-Pfizer Top Scientist Says Some Vaccine Batches Are Poison, How to Look Up if Your Batch is One

    - Distinguished witnesss who could be called before committee such as Dr. Mike Yeadon, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr. Ryan Cole, who are sticking their necks out day-in and day-out for us, to get out the truth.

    I thought Fauci was finished when his high treason started coming out, but the "bombs" are fizzling because peoples' brainwashing is that strong. They did it well. Let's see what happens when people learn they can find out how many deaths the batch on their vax card is associated with. If they are literally lab rats. Time is running out. The last gate is set to spring. Time to blast them out of the water.

    The number of deaths and adverse events associated with any batch from any of the three manufactures can be found at the website How Bad is My Batch. 5% of batches are associated with the majority of the deaths and permanent disabilities.

    US Sen. Ron Johnson hearings

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