A good thing that has emerged during this time of festering tyranny is the awakening of growing numbers of people to the greater truths of freedom. Hard times tend to make good men, but unlike in times past, we now have a global information network, the broader effects of which I suspect were something which Theye failed to take into account. Of late Theye have been attempting to bring the public forum of information exchange under greater control through cancel culture and other measures. The good news is that thus far Theye have been mostly failing, despite their ever more seemingly frantic efforts to silence dissent and defiance.

Opinions regarding the quality of humanity's future vary widely from the pollyanna to the apocalyptic. Those on the more naively optimistic end speak often of their faith that liberty and good shall ultimately triumph. I share the hope of it, but insofar as the faith bit...

I have no such faith, nor do I need it.

All I require is my drive to defy Themme in all the ways I am able, which I do daily. I publish, opinionize, analyze, speak out against tyranny; I disseminate everything for which Theye hold dread apprehension at the possibility of those things taking hold in the minds of the vulgar masses, and for which they would see me and other clarions brought to silence. I exercise my rights with conviction and frequency, doing so blatantly that all may see, regardless whether they understand or agree.

The ultimate outcome doesn't matter so much to me, as does the act of defying the evil that gallops roughshod and so freely across the planet. I remain intolerant of the intolerable, the tautology being sufficient justification in itself for all I do pursuant the goal of thwarting Themme at every available turn.

I'm slowly getting old and will be short of this world soon enough. But so long as I remain, I will rise to face the tyrant and command him to beg off.

The Tyrant cannot buy me, nor can he intimidate me. He can only bring me to physical ruin via the violence he brings, which is perforce a temporary condition, thereby annulling its power over me. By these virtues am I more powerful than Themme, despite all their money, armies, economic might, and the deeply neurotic avarice that seems to drive every action they take. Theye pale weakly compared with myself and all like me whose hearts are true to what is right and good between men.

Removing oneself from concern for the ultimate result of his endeavors leads him to a mental state which Theye fear, for such men cannot be overcome by any means. This is the warrior mind, and it is the direct path to freedom.

I am, by virtue of my choices, invincible and free. By the same means have all the great and defiant men acquitted themselves most nobly. By the same choices do people defeat themselves and relegate themselves to servitude as slave to others. These choices are always ours to make, this way or that.

Anyone is capable of deciding for themselves to be free. That means you. All it takes is the determination to be indomitable, and an understanding of what it means to become so. One key is to become unconcerned with victory or defeat, and to press on regardless of the perceived prospects.

Think on these words as to what you might aspire - invincible, indomitable, unconquerable, unbeatable, unassailable, invulnerable, impregnable, staunch, ruthless, indefatigable, intransigent, uncompromising, inflexible, unbending, resolute, obdurate, unwavering, unyielding, unshakeable, insurmountable, unpersuadable, unaccommodating, uncooperative, stubborn, obstinate, single-minded, iron-willed, diehard, unrelenting, immutable, immovable, firm, steadfast, inveterate, adamant, determined, tenacious.

Unlike the qualities that are celebrated and ever increasingly demanded by lesser men, and which are indeed hallmarks of the Weakman, the Freeman exalts in the power of resting beyond the reach of the cancerous values that his inferiors hold so dear, and which they would force upon him, were they able.

Know that there resides within yourself great power such that the Tyrant cannot overcome you, if you choose to assert it with unbending intent. It is a simple thing to choose, but that does not mean it is easy. Courage is a cornerstone, and it is not a characteristic that one either has, or doesn't. It cannot be bought or otherwise obtained, but is given rise as the result of individual choice. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand precisely because it is a choice that one makes, rather than being a goal to be chased. One need only choose it, and it shall be. Mind is the only obstacle standing between you and true freedom.

Courage and understanding are the ways of the Freeman. Choose one, gain the other, and be true to both.

Until next time, please accept my best wishes.