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Thread: Let's end White supremacy! Un-appropriate now in protest!

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    Let's end White supremacy! Un-appropriate now in protest!

    White supremacy continues to propagate with the use of the White Devil's inventions that hold other races back and beat them down.

    Let's discuss how we can divest ourselves of the racist whip-masters control of our lives.

    I propose we divest ourselves of electricity. Shut off the White Devil's power juice that they use to subjugate other races.

    Get rid of motors and radios and television.

    End the oppression by rejection of appropriation!

    Electricity would remain little more than an intellectual curiosity for millennia until 1600, when the English scientist William Gilbert wrote De Magnete, in which he made a careful study of electricity and magnetism, distinguishing the lodestone effect from static electricity produced by rubbing amber.[5] He coined the New Latin word electricus ("of amber" or "like amber", from ἤλεκτρον, elektron, the Greek word for "amber") to refer to the property of attracting small objects after being rubbed.[10] This association gave rise to the English words "electric" and "electricity", which made their first appearance in print in Thomas Browne's Pseudodoxia Epidemica of 1646.[11]

    Further work was conducted in the 17th and early 18th centuries by Otto von Guericke, Robert Boyle, Stephen Gray and C. F. du Fay.[12] Later in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin conducted extensive research in electricity, selling his possessions to fund his work. In June 1752 he is reputed to have attached a metal key to the bottom of a dampened kite string and flown the kite in a storm-threatened sky.[13] A succession of sparks jumping from the key to the back of his hand showed that lightning was indeed electrical in nature.[14] He also explained the apparently paradoxical behavior[15] of the Leyden jar as a device for storing large amounts of electrical charge in terms of electricity consisting of both positive and negative charges.[12]

    Half-length portrait oil painting of a man in a dark suit
    Michael Faraday's discoveries formed the foundation of electric motor technology
    In 1791, Luigi Galvani published his discovery of bioelectromagnetics, demonstrating that electricity was the medium by which neurons passed signals to the muscles.[16][17][12] Alessandro Volta's battery, or voltaic pile, of 1800, made from alternating layers of zinc and copper, provided scientists with a more reliable source of electrical energy than the electrostatic machines previously used.[16][17] The recognition of electromagnetism, the unity of electric and magnetic phenomena, is due to Hans Christian Ørsted and André-Marie Ampère in 1819–1820. Michael Faraday invented the electric motor in 1821, and Georg Ohm mathematically analysed the electrical circuit in 1827.[17] Electricity and magnetism (and light) were definitively linked by James Clerk Maxwell, in particular in his "On Physical Lines of Force" in 1861 and 1862.[18]

    While the early 19th century had seen rapid progress in electrical science, the late 19th century would see the greatest progress in electrical engineering. Through such people as Alexander Graham Bell, Ottó Bláthy, Thomas Edison, Galileo Ferraris, Oliver Heaviside, Ányos Jedlik, William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin, Charles Algernon Parsons, Werner von Siemens, Joseph Swan, Reginald Fessenden, Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse, electricity turned from a scientific curiosity into an essential tool for modern life.

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    Atlas Toohey shrugged?

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    Modern plumbing/waste. I myself consider it the single factor of the masses health even over modern medicine.

    My dad was in the Air Force and our family was uprooted and traveled every two years. When I was 2yrs. old we went to Turkey. You didn't drink water from tap there. It was known. You had it delivered. Why? Turkish dipshits installed waste water above potable water pipes. The exact OPPOSITE of what White European engineers laid out in there plans.

    Go figure, the eventual leakage of waste water into potable water caused all kinds of disease.

    Such White Devils.

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