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Thread: Oops...? Did Attorney General Garland Lie To Congress About Parent 'Threat Tag'?

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    Oops...? Did Attorney General Garland Lie To Congress About Parent 'Threat Tag'?

    Oops...? Did Attorney General Garland Lie To Congress About Parent 'Threat Tag'?

    Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have revealed what appears to be a blockbuster whistleblower document showing how the FBI was instructed to add a "tag" to mark "threats" that parents might pose to school boards, schools, and teachers. Garland vehemently denied such a tag was authorized in testimony before Congress. Also the vax continues to fail in its basic functions, Biden is set to demand boosters for all Americans. What could go wrong? And...big Pharma is making $1K per SECOND profit on the shots - corporatism?

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    Yes he lied to Congress and he should resign because of it but we know he won't.
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