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Thread: "You Need Glasses" - A 5000% Profit Story ; How I Improved My Eyesight Naturally

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    With almost no wild animals left in the Netherlands, we still have lots of birds.

    Bird watching is a great way to improve your eyesight.
    I literally see small birds that most people have never seen (and I couldn't either)...

    The short-toed treecreeper isn't rare or anything, they sort of behave like woodpeckers, without drilling holes and without bright colours, and they're small...
    When you're used to bird watching they're easy to spot.
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    Good stuff, thanks for posting @enhanced_deficit;. I've got a buddy who has done something similar but with the exercises. I'm not sure if he's 20/20 but he doesn't use glasses anymore iirc -- I'll have to check. And he's one of those guys that has had corrected vision since childhood. I was in my 30s when I started wearing glasses.
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    You're welcome cjm.
    In some cases visit to the optician might be necessary and in other cases healthy lifestyle improvements, exercises can provide natural remedies. Good to have broader perspective. People who need just reading glasses likely can save time and money by just ordering few reading glasses online.

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    I recommend going to an actual Doctor's office and not getting an eye exam at one of the ripoff chains. Rushed exams with bad prescriptions.
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