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Thread: NH Gov. Sununu: When ‘Crazy’ Anti-Vax Republicans Come, Slam that Door Shut

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    Exclamation NH Gov. Sununu: When ‘Crazy’ Anti-Vax Republicans Come, Slam that Door Shut

    You know what's crazy, Gov?

    Demanding that everybody address the fat man with fake tits and a dress as a woman.

    You know what's crazy, Chris?

    Our government funding doomsday virus research in a Communist Chinese lab and then lying about it.

    You know what's crazy, dude?

    That same lab releasing a bio agent on purpose that has killed almost 750,000 American citizens, and we are somehow to blame.

    That's $#@!ing crazy talk.

    NH Gov. Sununu: When ‘Crazy’ Anti-Vax Republicans Come, Slam that Door Shut

    PAM KEY 21 Oct 2021

    Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Thursday on CNN’s “OutFront” that he deals with “crazy” Republican state representatives who are against the coronavirus vaccine by slamming that door shut.

    Burnett said, “You’re very pro-vaccine yourself in terms of telling people to get it and have clashed with Republican lawmakers in your state about COVID. They’re not the only ones saying really, really bizarre stuff, but they have been saying some really, really bizarre stuff. Here’s what some of them have said about the vaccine.”

    In a video, New Hampshire State Rep. Al Baldasaro (R) said, “I see studies of blood clots in other countries. I see deaths in other countries. I will not play Russian roulette with my health.”

    In a video, New Hampshire State Rep. Ken Weyler (R) said, “They want everybody to have the shot. Why? Are they getting paid off by Big Pharma? Is there something in the shot that’s going to help them control us? There’s lots of things that I’m reading that make me very suspicious.”

    Burnett said, “That same lawmaker, governor, shared with his colleagues a so-called vaccine death report which said studies on doses of the vaccine showed that, quote —and I want our viewers to hear this, this is what he said — in both vials, there was a living organism with tentacles. This creature moves around, lifts itself up, and even seems to be self-aware. Okay. This is just a terrifying thing out of a horror movie. It’s completely concocted. But he meant it, right? How do you push a vaccine that saves lives when you have stuff like that coming out from elected officials?”

    Sununu said, “Look, Erin, when crazy comes knocking at the door, you’ve got to slam it shut. That’s all there is to it. I don’t care what party you are from. One of the reasons New Hampshire has been so successful with managing this pandemic, whether it’s keeping the economy flexible or driving folks, and at one time we had the highest vaccine rate in the country, is because we’re super transparent, and we do everything on data.”

    “I stood up there in front of the New Hampshire citizens every single day, answering every question we could showing the data, the trends. and that’s the public trust that has to be built with that transparency,” he added. “So there’s absolutely no place for the misinformation, crazy conspiracy theories, and nonsense. I don’t care what party you’re from. We’ll push back on it every time.”
    "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid." - Valery Legasov

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    and why would he assume that I am a Republican..

    I'm Anti-Stupidity.
    Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
    Ron Paul 2004

    Registered Ron Paul supporter # 2202
    It's all about Freedom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sununu
    ...and we do everything on data.
    You slam the door on data that doesn't fit your narrative, bud.
    "Stupidity got us into this mess. Why can't it get us out?"--Will Rogers

    "All I know is what I read in the newspapers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance."--Will Rogers

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    No such thing as "anti-vax."
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    Sounds like your governor is giving off the impression that he supports vaccine mandates.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    More Brainwashing.

    Lets dig in just for a bit. Red Apple. Now (if I repeatedly said this to you, like hundreds of times in a row), if I say the word Red, the first thing that comes to mind is Apple because your subconscious immediately associates one word with the word Apple. Likewise, saying Apple also associates the word Apple with Red.

    This is why two words together repeatedly is a form of brainwashing as it creates the context. If you hear the word Conspiracy, the first word associated with Conspiracy is Theory. In this case the inverse is not quite true as not all Theories are associated with Conspiracies. This IS true when we look at their two word associative brainwashing term of "Gun Violence". You hear Gun you think Violence. You hear Violence you think Guns.

    What is important is that it creates an Emotional Context. People react to their Emotions. So you say Gun Violence and it is expected to trigger an Emotional Reaction of FEAR.

    Back to the original article and to get back on topic. What they are doing is trying to build an entire Associative Array with "Anti Vax" and "Republican" because they want to make it illegal to be the "wrong political party" and "punishment is DEATH". To do that, they still need a generalized consensus of the public to approve of their actions, or silently quietly disapprove and do nothing about it. More often than not, the latter is the desired outcome as they rule by Crisis and Fear.

    They need to DEMONIZE all Anti Vaxxers and Republicans because THEY NEED A WAR SO THEY CAN CANCEL THE NEXT ELECTION. They are throwing every Scarlett A that they can brand people with, and many are not sticking the way they want. Not all whites are Racist. So they try again. Anti Vaxxers. Republicans. They NEED TO CREATE AN ENEMY so they can protect YOU from that enemy. This is the Round X of Demoralization, Destablization, CRISIS, Normalization process. Wash rinse repeat, advance a little bit each time until they have full control of every meaningful power structure.

    Someone with some video editing skills wanna adapt this song for this dipshits name?

    Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye
    1776 > 1984

    The FAILURE of the United States Government to operate and maintain an
    Honest Money System , which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, is the single largest contributing factor to the World's current Economic Crisis.

    The Elimination of Privacy is the Architecture of Genocide

    Belief, Money, and Violence are the three ways all people are controlled

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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    Become Ungovernable

    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post

    Libertarian Party Mises Caucus
    "The libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party."

    Platform · Our Actions

    Mises PAC
    (Libertarian Party membership not required)

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    He's going to regret his choice.
    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

    Robert Heinlein

    Give a man an inch and right away he thinks he's a ruler

    Groucho Marx

    I love mankind…it’s people I can’t stand.

    Linus, from the Peanuts comic

    You cannot have liberty without morality and morality without faith

    Alexis de Torqueville

    Those who fail to learn from the past are condemned to repeat it.
    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

    A Zero Hedge comment

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