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Thread: SF-Target stores closing

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    SF-Target stores closing

    Asked if the presence of armed, uniformed police officers had any deterrent effect on thieves, one officer was blunt in his assessment.

    ďThey donít care. Thereís no consequences. Literally zero consequences. Iíve kicked outÖ Iíve been here since 9 AM today. I probably have already kicked out eight or nine people and Iíve recovered a thousand dollars worth of stuff alone off of that. Whether we kick them out, tell them they canít come back, whether I put them in handcuffs and take them down to the county jailóthere is no difference. Because they will not be prosecuted by the district attorney. Therefore, there is nothing documented that they canít come back here. You know, they get no time in jail to think about what they did, right? There is zero consequence. And thatís why in this store the same exact people come in every other day and in the city the same couple percent of people are the same people committing all the car break-ins, all the robberies and all the shootings, any aggravated assaults right in town where thereís more street people, people fighting. Itís all the same exact people, and there are zero consequences. Therefore you take them to jail they get out of jail. They do it again. Itís a big circle.Ē

    -Gee, who would've thought?

    Shoppers at the Target on Mission St are greeted by armed and uniformed SFPD. (Photo by Ken Kurson for California Globe)

    Items protected by anti theft equipment include vitamins, false eyelashes, Nicorette, skin creams, Lego, water bottles, hairdryers and even bulky low-priced items like body wash. (Photo by Melody Kurson for California Globe)

    We're being governed ruled by a geriatric Alzheimer patient/puppet whose strings are being pulled by an elitist oligarchy who believe they can manage the world... imagine the utter maniacal, sociopathic hubris!

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    Well at least they'll still have the $#@!ting streets.
    Do something Danke

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    Target has donated millions and millions of dollars to various Marxist causes while at the same time funding cops.

    Corporate turds trying to play both sides while selling overpriced Chinese made $#@!.

    $#@! 'em...hope they go bankrupt.
    "Every lie we tell incurs a debt to the truth. Sooner or later, that debt is paid." - Valery Legasov

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