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Thread: Rand Was Right...Fauci Lied

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    Rand Was Right...Fauci Lied

    Rand Was Right...Fauci Lied

    In a letter to a Member of Congress yesterday the Principle Deputy Director of the National Institutes of Health admitted that his agency - contrary to Fauci's claims - did fund gain-of-function research on bats and viruses. Over to you, Fauci... Also today: "Boosters! Get yer boosters here! All ages, all sizes!" And...DeSantis stands up to the tyrant heading the DoJ (sic).

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    Sure he did. But, will he get an ass pounding in a Federal penitentiary? My monies on a solid "No."

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    Quote Originally Posted by phill4paul View Post
    Sure he did. But, will he get an ass pounding in a Federal penitentiary? My monies on a solid "No."
    Well, it's against the law to lie to congress, but certain people can get away with it.

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    Doesn't matter. The Left loves Fauci. They will just ignore the facts and continue.
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