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    I have hesitated to post this because #1 I don't know how to embed a rumble video and #2 because it is long and I know people either have short attention spans or they don't have time to watch.

    I am astounded by this because the world Health Organization is admitting that there are no safety standards for vaccines.

    Del Bigtree has done a very moving presentation of this information I hope you will find the time or attention to watch and if you know how to embed this please do so

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    Can't embed Rumble.
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    Something that is so blatant in this video is that these officials seem to believe their own BS. They don't seem to realize that they need to actually prove that vaccine are safe and effective but, they seem resigned to the fact that calling people who question the safety of vaccines crazy conspiracy theorist is not working. Too many people have seen their babies injured to think they can get away with this crap.

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