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Thread: Funeral Director Says “Vaccine” Deaths are Called COVID, Wave of Child Vaccine Deaths Coming

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    Funeral Director Says “Vaccine” Deaths are Called COVID, Wave of Child Vaccine Deaths Coming

    This is an alarming and convincing interview.

    Funeral Director Says “Vaccine” Deaths are Falsely Called COVID Deaths, Wave of Child Vaccine Deaths Will be Blamed on Unvaxxed

    Corroborating what many doctors and scientists have said, a UK funeral director at Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services in UK says that he and other frightened but silent funeral directors know that every death which can possibly be attributed to COVID is, and it is actually the mRNA injections which are now killing people.

    The funeral director said he has witnessed a “culling” by the injections being used in elder care facilities.

    He said the puzzling push to inject children who are at essentially zero risk of dying of COVID is to produce a wave a child deaths and renewed hysteria. Last May, a group of 57 international scientists and doctors prepared a joint report concluding that deaths from COVID and deaths from the mRNA spike protein injections may be difficult to distinguish. The scientists wrote:

    …cases of vaccine-related ADE or immunopathology would be clinically-indistinguishable from severe COVID-19…”
    Links to doctors’ calls for halts to mass “vaccinations,” partial list: 1, 2, 3, 4.

    For speaking out, the director said he believes his “days are numbered,” but he could not remain silent before the vast evil taking place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GlennwaldSnowdenAssanged View Post
    Good watch. Thanks!
    I like to listen to a combination of high-level scientists, doctors, but also people in various stations of the frontline who deal with death and sickness every day, who talk to coroners and hospice workers who see things with their own eyes. This guy is confirming what docs like Yeadon, Bahkdi, Mikovits, et al have been warning about for a year. Easy to believe that he knows lots of funeral directors who know what he does but are too scared to say anything. Hopefully this viral video will protect him somewhat. If he gets into a weird one car accident suddenly everyone will know for sure that everything he has said is true. He will have a long reach from the grave. Say a prayer for him.

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    Finally got a chance to watch. Good vid.
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