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Thread: NHL'er Jimmy Hayes Autopsy - where are the results already?!

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    NHL'er Jimmy Hayes Autopsy - where are the results already?!

    The 1st article below is from August 25th, 2021. Jimmy Hayes was a perfectly healthy 31 year old NHL'er who suddenly died. They still didn't have an answer despite an autopsy. It's now October 9th and I still can't find any answers on this one. His death was suspicious at the time (vaccine related?) but it's incredibly suspicious that there's no answer by now (or at least none that I could find). The 2nd article is from September 24th and there was still no answer on that date either.

    The cause of Jimmy Hayes’ death remained unclear even after an autopsy of the former NHL player, a spokesman for the Massachusetts medical examiner’s office told The Post on Wednesday.

    Jimmy Hayes died Aug. 23 at his home in Milton, Massachusetts, at 31 years old. The official cause of death remains unconfirmed

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    I can't claim to remember the fighter's name, but there was an article on Sherdog about a month ago about a fighter that went to the hospital for a bicep surgery and died from heart failure due to viral pnuemonia. His best friend was pretty vocal about him being absolutely fine until being made to take the shot to get the surgery.
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    The headline is "No Foul Play Involved in Death of Former NHL Player Jimmy Hayes, Official Confirms" but there's no mention of cause of death or if the vaccine was responsible. In fact, there's no mention of the vaccine at all in the article.

    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.95)]Nearly two months after Jimmy Hayes was found dead at his Massachusetts home, one cause of death has been officially ruled out.
    [COLOR=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.95)]No foul play was involved in the death of the former professional hockey player, the Norfolk County District Attorney's office tells PEOPLE on Friday, which was the same day the state medical examiner's office issued a death certificate for the 31-year-old father of two.

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    Looks like it was fentanyl and cocaine. Still surprising it took ~2 months to figure that out.

    Jimmy Hayes died with fentanyl, cocaine in system: ‘Completely shocked’

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