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Thread: Massie: Vaccine Mandates are a "War on Frontline Workers and First Responders"

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    Massie: Vaccine Mandates are a "War on Frontline Workers and First Responders"

    Rep. Massie: Vaccine Mandates are a "War on Frontline Workers and First Responders" 9/23/21

    In case you missed it, I told Kennedy that vaccine mandates are a "war on frontline workers and first responders." Instead of threatening their jobs, we should support first responders & frontline workers by respecting their right to decide whether to take the vaccines.
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    GOP admits it's probably a bioweapon (the 'Rona) funded by U.S. built by China.
    A lot of evidence it's not only a bioweapon, it's patented.
    It's patented, and we put the engineered part (S1 protein) into a mRNA delivery device (the "vaccine").
    We shared this "patent" with 3 companies who mass-produced said bioweapon and distributed it untested to the masses.


    Why is the discussion around where it came from? Shouldn't we care more that we are injecting instructions into half the planet to make your body produce the bioweapon when it hasn't been tested?

    The "spike protein" is what the weapon part of the weapon is.

    Clearly, most people, even the suspicious ones have not grasped this yet.
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    My questions are:

    why are they being so aggressive in mandating it
    and why are companies, govt's, etc. trying to get the mandates in before the end of the year?

    Gotta be a reason for all of this beyond "get it before flu season" because remember, the flu was eradicated last year...
    Welcome to the R3VOLUTION!

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    He retweeted this:

    Pregnant women avoid alcohol and sushi and hot tubs but you suddenly think it's ok to get vaccinated because the CDC told you so?That's insane.

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    Funny how Democrats spent all of last year calling our healthcare workers heroes and now their throwing them under the bus for refusing to get vaccinated.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

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