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Thread: Kyle Rittenhouse updates

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    Kyle Rittenhouse updates

    There are a several threads about particular aspects of the Kyle Rittenhouse case (see below for links to some of them), but there aren't any that serve as a general catch-all, so I'm starting this thread as a "one stop" place for any news or updates on the matter.

    Please feel free to post any relevant material about the case here, if you care to.

    To start things off, here's a video about some of the results of the pretrial evidentiary hearing held on 17 September 2021:

    Prosecutors FAIL On Rittenhouse Case

    Here's a video of the hearing itself:

    Kyle Rittenhouse hearing to decide on evidence allowed at trial | FOX6 News Milwaukee
    WATCH: A Kenosha County judge is set to decide whether jurors at the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will see video that prosecutors say shows him talking about wanting to shoot people. Rittenhouse is accused of killing two men and wounding a third during a police brutality protest in Wisconsin last year.

    And here are some of the other threads at RPFs about the case:

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    This goes to my heart. This guy was 17 at the time and wanted to help people. He did shoot people, let's look at if it's justified self defence and nothing more. In my opinion it was.

    I think the failure of the government to provide protection to these businesses is a major aspect to this trial. Does a law count if those who upkeep it fail to upkeep other parts and the one on trial is up keeping those laws to protect the interests of others ?
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    Kyle Rittenhouse Upcoming Trial & Evidence UPDATE - Viva & Barnes HIGHLIGHT
    Some updates in Kyle Rittenhouse - upcoming November trial, admissibility of evidence and more.

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    This is great news.
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