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    September 20, 2021

    With Fauci's strong endorsement, the White House is reportedly giving serious consideration to a "no shot, no fly" rule to prohibit Americans who have not taken the covid shot from traveling by air within the United States. Will Biden destroy civilian air travel to punish those who do not want his preferred medical treatment? Also today, former FDA chief admits that the "six foot" social distancing rule was not "the science" but in fact made up out of thin air. And: Biden's antibodies war on Texas and Florida.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Somewhat related is that the US is opening travel from Europe only for vaccinated travelers.

    Pure insanity. The current vaccines do not stop transmission of the current variants of the virus. That is scientific fact. Such a vaccine mandate is beyond just stupid. Follow the money.
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    The airline and tourism industries are going to love this move. Why not just ban air travel altogether if there's a slim chance it could make anyone safer?
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