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Thread: UK ok's puberty blocking drugs.

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    UK ok's puberty blocking drugs.

    LONDON (AP) — Britain’s Court of Appeal ruled Friday that doctors can prescribe puberty-blocking drugs to children under 16, overturning a lower court’s decision that a judge’s approval should be needed.

    Appeals judges said the High Court was wrong to rule last year that children considering gender reassignment are unlikely to be able to give informed consent to medical treatment involving drugs that delay puberty. The December 2020 ruling said because of the experimental nature of the drugs, clinics should seek court authorization before starting such treatment.

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    Notice that nowhere in the article are parents ever mentioned - not even indirectly or in passing.

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    Kids over 10 should be able to have plastic surgery and as many tattoos as they want, in addition to any prescription drugs. They make good decisions. Parents should have no say.
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    My first question would be do the drugs have any permanent non-reversible effects? I don't think children should be taking anything that effects them permanently. If it's just a temporary effect and they can then make a decision once they are legal adults, then perhaps a case could be made for it. Young children and teenagers aren't ready to make life altering choices. They could feel very differently once they are rational adults. If they feel the same then, then that is fine as well.

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