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Thread: New Hampshire bill to put secession on the ballot

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    Ya some of us just don't do the hostility thing against Mass. immigrants... NH welcomed me as an immigrant when I was working in texas and moved here from there. and it has a reputation of being welcoming overall, that's why libertarians picked it. As for getting a smaller or bigger place to break away or achieve liberty... smaller or bigger than a state...(?)

    well, okay I guess let us know what is going on with that but for now this NH liberty/independence project is what we have to work with and none of the others seem to have made as much progress.
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    Hope some of you can either spread the word, or make it to the Jan 20 demonstration and hearing (above) in Concord!

    NH Business Review article "What would it look like if NH actually seceded?"
    Want freedom? Move to NH:
    Want NH independence?

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    ~75 NH Independence activists pack House hearing on leaving the Union


    “Republican lawmakers are so caught up in their disdain for America that they seem to think Granite Staters share their contempt for our country,” Rep. Renny Cushing, the House Democratic leader, wrote in a press release. “This proposal to secede from the United States is the most unpatriotic piece of legislation I have ever seen come through the New Hampshire House.

    State Rep. Israel Piedra, D-Manchester, said while he was pleased with the vote, he found the committee discussion “eye-opening and very troubling.

    “In our discussion, some Republican members were more concerned with whether secession from the United States could be successfully implemented than with the concept itself. The committee chair, a member of House Republican leadership, said he agreed with the concept of secession and lamented how that a sufficient plan does not currently exist to carry it out.
    - NHPR

    Obviously our argument is that it's Constitutional and authorized by the 10th Amendment, which reads:

    "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."
    Want freedom? Move to NH:
    Want NH independence?

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