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Thread: The Criminal Case Against Fauci, Indian Court Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death

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    The Criminal Case Against Fauci, Indian Court Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death

    Americans don't play defense. We take the fight to the enemy.

    The Criminal Case Against Fauci, Indian Court Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death for Ivermectin Lies

    Although calls for his criminal prosecution center mainly on his role in funding banned gain-of-function research in Wuhan which, according to Chinese dissident virologist Li-Meng Yan, turned a difficult-to-transmit bat virus into a bio-weapon against the US and the world, Fauci’s culpability for US deaths does not end there.

    In an interesting coincidence, now those deaths are used as the bludgeon to frighten the public into accepting inadequately tested injections, of a novel technology, which may already be responsible tens of thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands, even millions, of debilitating “adverse events.”

    In India, in May, the Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. If a trial in India finds Dr. Swaminathan guilty, then the WHO Scientist could be sentenced to death or life in prison. Dr. Swaminathan would have to be charged in a criminal trial and be found guilty on one of the those charges. The legal notice filed by the IBA states: “It is amply clear that your criminal mind is working swiftly to…cause as much possible damage to people and to stop the use of ‘Ivermectin’…” (LEGAL NOTICE) (Ivermectin Studies)

    Jurisdiction for conspiracy to commit murder can be established by any state or county prosecutor in which a COVID victim has died, according the legal theory explained by famed former Los Angeles County prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi in his 2008 book “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.” The man who put away Charles Manson charged that Bush was responsible for the deaths of US soldiers through lying to them about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    It was not Wuhan lab, but Fauci who led the charge against what we now know are safe and effective remedies. Yale epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, who recently co-authored a Wall Street Journal article highlighting the risks of the novel “vaccines,” said that up to “100,000” lives could have been saved through the judicious use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ.) This was last July, when alleged US COVID deaths stood at about 150,000. That is a 70% reduction in mortality.

    In Mexico, recent widespread giveaways of the anti-parasite drug Ivermectin by the government in Chiapas has resulted in COVID deaths all but disappearing.

    [Breaking, of Interest: Global Infrastructure Collapse Drill This Friday, July 9, “Cyber Polygon”]

    Put bluntly, Dr. Anthony Fauci can now be charged with premiditated murder on a scale of Crimes Against Humanity, as he knowingly and deliberately implied falsely that Ivermectin and HCQ were dangerous, and that there was no evidence that they reduced COVID mortality....

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    'Teh Newz' will never report on this...

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    The Criminal Case Against Fauci, Indian Court Could Sentence WHO Chief Scientist to Death
    Having seen recent headlines on pegasus Israeli spyware/blackmail scandals and their nation's economic dependence on US tech sector policies, chances of any such verdicts are extremely slim (or nill, realistically) without even getting into merits/demerits of the actual case.

    Stick factors:
    India dispatches: Pegasus spyware scandal casts doubt on independence of Indian judiciary
    JURIST Staff
    August 2, 2021
    It works in cohorts with the executive where any action is taken to protect the “sanctity” of the judges. And it goes both ways; from the Ayodhya verdict to the Rafale case, Justice Gogoi’s tenure saw numerous favourable judgments for the government – perhaps to return government favors like surveilling someone illegally.
    Pegasus spyware compared to 'bombing in Hiroshima' in India press, Modi's "Watergate"

    Carrot factors:
    Would Indian gummit allow some rebel judge to alienate Prez Biden or His Execellency Bill Gates with such huge depedence on US tech including companies founded by strong vax proponent Mr Gates?

    India may urge Joe Biden administration to revoke new rules on H1B visas
    Jan 17, 2021

    Biden’s promised expansion of H1B visas
    Observer Research Foundation

    US issues more H-1B visas in 2021
    Aug 25, 2021

    Technology companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees each year from countries like India and China.

    Covid 19 vaccines: India is the world's largest producer of vaccines

    India's Vaccine Colossus Is a Model for the World to Follow › Markets ›
    Jan 6, 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    Not sure what MS has to do with WHO but she's already vax'd.

    Martha Stewart Gets COVID Vaccine, Says She 'Waited in Line with Others'

    Didn't she do jail time for being less than honest?

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    Yea but that was over taxes.
    Whole different ballgame compared to marketing of things like vax, freedom wars projects to public. Never heard 'Martha lied, people died'.

    Quote Originally Posted by James_Madison_Lives View Post
    Americans don't play defense. We take the fight to the enemy.
    Sometimes offense is the best defense, as we learnt from taking the us taxpayers funded fights to Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza etc. ( H/T Bush, Obama, Trump).
    But things may be different currently as Biden is in the WH now.

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    WHO is refusing to take a backseat when it comes to global covid vax enforcements leadership:

    WHO Mulls Future Use of Vaccine Passports

    WHO: COVID-19 Vaccine Passports Could Be Considered When Vaccine Coverage Improves

    However, the use of vaccine passports at this stage in the pandemic would fuel discrimination, the leader of the World Health Organization said.
    By Cecelia Smith-Schoenwalder
    Sept. 14, 2021

    “...we’re helping countries who are working on vaccine passports so that we can have a uniform system when vaccine passport is needed and when it’s time to use it,”
    Director-General of the World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.The Associated Press

    The World Health Organization on Tuesday indicated that while now is not the time to use COVID-19 vaccine passports, they could be implemented in the future.

    WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said at a press conference that vaccine passports should not be used at this time, particularly not as a prerequisite for travel "because of lack of vaccine equity."

    "But for the future, when vaccine coverage increases globally, it can be considered," he added.

    Tedros said WHO is working with countries that are considering using the documentation.

    Cartoons on the Coronavirus

    "That's why we're helping countries who are working on vaccine passports so that we can have a uniform system when vaccine passport is needed and when it's time to use it," Tedros said.

    But vaccine passports – a form of documentation proving a person is fully vaccination against COVID-19 – at this stage in the pandemic would lead to discrimination against countries with little access to the shots, Tedros said.

    The comments come after Britain canceled its plans to introduce vaccine passports to access venues like nightclubs and other crowded events. But Sajid Javid, Britain's health secretary, said the passports could be "a potential option" for the future as the country grapples with a late summer coronavirus surge.

    "We've looked at it properly and whilst we should keep it in reserve as a potential option, I'm pleased to say that we will not be going ahead with plans for vaccine passports,'' Javid told the BBC.

    Vaccine passports have been seen as a way to restart economies to some, while others have criticized the documentation as creating further divide between wealthy nations and low-income countries that don't have widespread access to the shots.

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