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Thread: U.S. independence movements - communication thread

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    U.S. independence movements - communication thread

    Apparently the Baltic republics were able to enhance their independence drives by close coordination. Maybe such movements in U.S. states should do the same. Until we have a better place to do it... I'm dedicating this thread to the purpose. Next I will invite some folks from other independence movements but likely not all. If there is interest, then the discussion will grow... if not then I would tend to revert to my default approach of prioritizing New Hampshire. I used to think even starting a thread like this would be going off mission, but for today I will defer to the genius of our Estonian example-setters!

    Obviously I represent since I own the URL... but there are many other branches to the New Hampshire independence movement
    Here's the executive summary of where our movement stands...particularly our effort to get a proposed constitutional amendment before the NH State House. As currently worded this amendment constitutes a peaceable declaration of independence:
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    Want freedom? Move to NH:
    Want NH independence?

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    Also check out my video about federal income tax as a motivation for NH independence:

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    I can vouch for this vid.
    Want freedom? Move to NH:
    Want NH independence?

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