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Thread: Resist, now...or become like Australia, and have the cops shoot your dog.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CCTelander View Post
    And Amerikunts, including the political wing of the so-called "liberty movement," sit politely with their hands folded in their laps, waiting for this to arrive here.
    They are waiting for either Shammity, Tucker, Mark Levin, Alex Jones, some guy wearing knit cap or some other controlled opposition pundit to save them. Not going to happen.

    Everyone on the right is looking for validation from people they will never get it from unless they are lock step in agreement with establishment hacks that will surrender your rights and comply when the time comes.

    Any true liberty folks that come forward they will hang these people out to dry and if necessary distract by reporting on some false flag until they are a forgotten memory.

    Time to separate.
    * See my visitor message area for caveats related to my posting history here.
    * Also, I have effectively retired from all social media including posting here and are basically opting out of anything to do with national politics or this country on federal or state level and rather focusing locally. I may stop by from time to time to discuss philosophy on a general level related to Libertarian schools of thought and application in the real world.

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    " If you lose, go down fighting. It costs nothing extra, and now and again ..." - L. Neil Smith

    "Government ... does not exist of necessity, but rather by virtue of a tragic, almost comical combination of klutzy, opportunistic terrorism against sitting ducks whom it pretends to shelter, plus our childish phobia of responsibility, praying to be exempted from the hard reality of life on life's terms." Wolf DeVoon

    "...Make America Great Again. I'm interested in making American FREE again. Then the greatness will come automatically."Ron Paul

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post

    You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Occam's Banana again.

    Thankfully the Aussies haven't learned the chicom trick of using tanks on the street.
    9/11 Thermate experiments

    Winston Churchhill on why the U.S. should have stayed OUT of World War I

    "I am so %^&*^ sick of this cult of Ron Paul. The Paulites. What is with these %^&*^ people? Why are there so many of them?" YouTube rant by "TheAmazingAtheist"

    "We as a country have lost faith and confidence in freedom." -- Ron Paul

    "It can be a challenge to follow the pronouncements of President Trump, as he often seems to change his position on any number of items from week to week, or from day to day, or even from minute to minute." -- Ron Paul
    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No need to make it a superhighway.
    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    The only way I see Trump as likely to affect any real change would be through martial law, and that has zero chances of success without strong buy-in by the JCS at the very minimum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post

    More videos and context information in David Estcourt's Twitter profile.

    (Also here:
    This may be one of the most beautiful things I've watching in 2 years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Several years ago Jackie Chan made a great film in Australia called Mr. Nice Guy.

    There's a scene where police show up at the bad guy's house and are told if they enter without a warrant they'll get shot. "You know the lawrrr," he says.

    They ceded too many inches, too many miles inch by inch.
    "Stupidity got us into this mess. Why can't it get us out?"--Will Rogers

    "All I know is what I read in the newspapers, and that's an alibi for my ignorance."--Will Rogers

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