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Thread: CDC Credibility Implosion: New Mask Mandate Makes No Sense

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    CDC Credibility Implosion: New Mask Mandate Makes No Sense

    CDC Credibility Implosion: New Mask Mandate Makes No Sense

    Even much of the mainstream media is confused and frustrated by yesterday's sudden flip-flop by the CDC, advising that everyone once again begin wearing masks indoors. They claimed it was because the "delta" variant was eluding the vaccine, while at the same time continuing to claim that the vaccine was very effective and that everyone should take it. Both of these things cannot be true...and most Americans understand that. Will the push-back on this incomprehensible policy-shift gain momentum?
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    Doesn't a credibility implosion.... imply there is credibility, to implode?
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    Part of the bolshevik tactic was to force people to say things that were obviously not true. Forcing people to adopt contradictory beliefs and repeat them is part of the war against the spirit.

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