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Thread: US expands Afghan refugee program

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    Post US expands Afghan refugee program

    Former actor turned POTUS and Deep State/Deep Neocons puppet Ronnie Reagan probably turning in his grave as next crop of Jihadi militants/foreign fighters he had funded and armed to overthrow secular government of Afghanistan is still creating global problems:

    Citing Taliban violence, US expands Afghan refugee program

    Aug 2, 2021
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Biden administration on Monday expanded its efforts to evacuate at-risk Afghan citizens from Afghanistan as Taliban violence increases ahead there of the U.S. military pullout at the end of the month.

    The State Department said it is widening the scope of Afghans eligible for refugee status in United States to include current and former employees of U.S.-based news organizations, U.S.-based aid and development agencies and other relief groups that receive U.S. funding. Current and former employees of the U.S. government and the NATO military operation who don’t meet the criteria for a dedicated program for such workers are also covered.

    However, the move comes with a major caveat: applicants must leave Afghanistan to begin the adjudication process that may take 12-14 months in a third country, and the U.S. does not intend to support their departures or stays there.


    Nevertheless, the State Department said the move will mean that “many thousands” of Afghans and their immediate families will now have the opportunity to be permanently resettled in the U.S. as refugees. It did not offer a more specific number of those who might be eligible for the program.

    “The U.S. objective remains a peaceful, secure Afghanistan,” it said in a statement. “However, in light of increased levels of Taliban violence, the U.S. government is working to provide certain Afghans, including those who worked with the United States, the opportunity for refugee resettlement to the United States.”


    US taxpayers to pay $4B a year to Afghan forces until 2024

    Taxpayers funded training and freedom enduring academy produced local officers apparently still not trained enough to protect local population.
    Rand is opposed to this policy.

    First flight of Afghan interpreters arrive in US

    Fri July 30, 2021
    (CNN)The first group of translators and interpreters who helped US soldiers and diplomats in Afghanistan arrived in the US on Friday, even as thousands more wait in Afghanistan in increasing fear of Taliban reprisals.
    The first group of approved Afghan applicants for a Special Immigrant Visa touched down and traveled to Fort Lee, Virginia, on Friday, according to the Biden administration. The flight carried about 200 people, including applicants and their families, part of a priority group of 700 Afghan SIV applicants who have completed the majority of the background process required to get a visa. Along with their families, they number about 2,500.
    "Today is an important milestone as we continue to fulfill our promise to the thousands of Afghan nationals who served shoulder-to-shoulder with American troops and diplomats over the last 20 years in Afghanistan," President Joe Biden said in a statement.

    'They are looking for us'
    The Afghans on that flight are the lucky ones. They represent a sliver of the estimated 20,000 SIV applicants in line, some of whom told CNN they are deeply afraid as they watch the Taliban's bloody executions and reprisals against those who helped US troops.

    Is Biden cutting off the trining too soon?

    U.S. to begin housing Afghan interpreters at Virginia military base

    Interpreters and others who aided the U.S. fear for their lives as the Taliban make gains.


    Afghan nationals who aided the U.S. war effort and their families will be temporarily housed at a U.S. Army base about 140 miles south of Washington while they await finalapproval of their visas, the State Department confirmed Monday.
    The first round of applicants will be taken to Fort Lee, Va., according to a congressional official who viewed a National Security Council notification sent to Capitol Hill earlier Monday.State Department spokesperson Ned Price said the base will serve as “the initial relocation site for the pool of applicants who are closest to completing special immigrant processing.”

    On a pro-diversity note, Iraq/Syria/mideast/Afghan interventions also appear to continue to enrich American culture with new culinary flavors and cultural/ethnic/religious diversity as happened with spike in Asian Food outlets in America following US involvement in Korea, Vietnam wars.

    Report: Number of mosques in US grows overall, but African American mosques in decline
    June 2, 2021
    By Joseph Hammond
    “The Muslim American community is a very diverse and at any given mosque, when a critical mass is reached, there is often a desire to start another mosque. This is something we have seen in many groups from Afghani-Americans to Somali-Americans. It is also a phenomenon that we find in other religious groups in America as well,” Bagby said.

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    Afghan food is great. Importing Islamic (or socialist) extremists is not a good idea.

    But we can trust government to thoroughly vet all incoming immigrants, right?
    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
    "Beware the Military-Industrial-Financial-Pharma-Corporate-Internet-Media-Government Complex." - B4L update of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
    "Debt is the drug, Wall St. Banksters are the dealers, and politicians are the addicts." - B4L
    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul

    Proponent of real science.
    The views and opinions expressed here are solely my own, and do not represent this forum or any other entities or persons.

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    Great food is not the only thing, great hospitality and unlimited 2nd amendment rights also said to be hallmark of rich Afghan culture.

    US funding in the past had supported both Northern Alliance and Taliban linked militants, both probably "Islamic extremists" by western standards but either might not be nearly as socialist as two leading US political parties platforms are now.

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    It adds up to $50k per person, then the other welfare programs start kicking in.

    They are set for life now.

    Any wonder Americans don't want to work any more?

    No reason to.

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    Afghans who helped US troops to be airlifted out of country
    Pentagon Sends 3000 Troops to Secure Kabul Airport as US Evacuates Embassy Staff, Interpreters
    Aug 13, 2021

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    It adds up to $50k per person, then the other welfare programs start kicking in.
    US taxpayers to pay $4B a year to Afghan forces until 2024

    This money was supposed to help ensure security there and avoid creation of more refugees, at least that was the intention of policy makers.

    Afghans chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in defiant protests against Taliban
    ‘God is greatest’ has become a cry of defiance for anti-Taliban protesters as group assaults major Afghan cities.
    3 Aug 2021
    Kabul, Afghanistan – On Monday evening, Ahmadullah Azadani climbed on the roof of his house in the Western Afghan city of Herat and awaited something that would have been unthinkable in the city even a week earlier.
    He waited on his roof overlooking the ancient city, until he heard a single voice calling out: “Allahu Akbar” (God is greatest), over and over.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
    Who cares if the $#@!ing Taliban takes over?
    Most Afghans are radical Muslims that love the taliban.
    A late memeber of pro global wars troika of McCain-Lindsey-Lieberman probably would have opposed this notion:

    Plus new "China cold war" could wrrant need for deep staters to go back to old days of bromances with Islamists as happened during terms of Carter/Reagan. Won't be too surprised to see Biden repeat call Trump had made about human rights of Islamic population in a Chinese region. Hopefully won't be Reaganism rebirth all over again when concerns for human rights of Afghan people had inspired a major US intervention that 4 decades later is still costing US taxpayers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Afghan food is great. Importing Islamic (or socialist) extremists is not a good idea.
    Gauging extremism potential can be tough when dealing with regions embroiled in active conficts/warfare/occupations etc.
    Shooter in following case was US born son of an Afghan man.

    In past history, man from Israeli occupied territories who had reportedly shot Bobby Kennedy after hearing his pro-Israel speech on TV was a Christian.

    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    But we can trust government to thoroughly vet all incoming immigrants, right?
    Have not seen any reporting on what kind of vetting was taking place in the current environment there:

    5 days ago

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    First group of Afghan refugees arrive in N.J.
    Aug 25, 2021
    The first group of Afghan refugees has arrived at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in New Jersey, the National Guard confirmed to NJ Advance Media.
    “One bus came in overnight,” spokesman Capt. Christopher Bowyer-Meeder said.
    a press release on the base’s website said the U.S. Air Force is proposing the location serve as a temporary shelter for up to 9,500 Afghans

    U.S. Tells Refugee Aid Groups to Get Ready for 50,000 Afghans

    August 24, 2021, 3:45 PM EDT
    Biden Says U.S. on Track to Evacuate Afghanistan by Aug. 31

    The Biden administration has asked refugee aid organizations to prepare to receive and resettle as many as 50,000 Afghans evacuated under a stopgap program as the U.S. accelerates flights out of Kabul ahead of an end-of-August deadline, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

    US Marines cradle babies in Afghan air lift to rescue 65,000 people in Kabul

    Thousands of Afghan evacuees housed at U.S. military base in Germany on their way to a new life

    August 25, 2021 / 7:24 AM / CBS News
    The U.S. military is scrambling to process roughly 8,000 Afghan citizens at a U.S. air base in Germany. For the Afghans, it's the first stop on their way to a new life, far from home.
    At Ramstein Air Base, U.S. service members are doing their best to feed, care for and entertain thousands of evacuees from Afghanistan.
    "Their entire life possessions might be a in plastic shopping bag. It certainly helps put things in perspective," Lieutenant Colonel Simon Ritchie said.


    August 16
    Obama shuts off Instagram comments amid Afghanistan collapse

    Commenters on Obama's Instagram page urged him to help the Afghan people
    Obama lied to Americans about withdrawal from Afghanistan: book

    Pentagon: 200 planes flying nonstop to evcuate people from Kabul, 3 babies born during evac

    In private, Qatar warn US officials of 'growing crises' at bases housing Afghans: Internal report

    A Qatari official doubted the U.S. had "sufficient personnel, food, medicine."
    August 25, 2021

    Will US extend Afghanistan evacuation deadline?
    The U.S. and its allies airlifted roughly 16,000 people out of Kabul, Afghanistan, in the last 24

    Tens of thousands of Americans, Afghans and other foreigners have been evacuated from Kabul's international airport to U.S. military installations in Qatar, a key U.S. partner in the Middle East that has received public shout-outs from President Joe Biden and his top officials.
    But privately, Qatari officials are warning their American counterparts that the situation at U.S. facilities, where thousands of Afghan evacuees are being housed, is growing more dire, according to an internal State Department report obtained by ABC News.

    GOP will be tested according to Rhodes:

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    Hide your towels.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    US Marines cradle babies in Afghan air lift to rescue 65,000 people in Kabul

    Pentagon: 200 planes flying nonstop to evcuate people from Kabul, 3 babies born during evac

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCarolinaLiberty View Post
    Hide your towels.
    There seem to be only few babies in the recent flights, most of refugess being settled across states are adults or children.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post

    There seem to be only few babies in the recent flights, most of refugess being settled across states are adults or children.
    Not sure if I've seen baby towelheads.
    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
    Quote Originally Posted by Influenza View Post
    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
    Quote Originally Posted by Dforkus View Post
    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    Oh ok, you might need to slightly update your vernacular as that t-word term (supposedly a derogatory term for headgear worn by people of semitic races in mideast) might be more relevant when discussing influx of military interpretters involved in OIF in Iraq.
    This is OEF territory, slightly different attire:

    Prices of hijab, turban jump in Afghanistan- The Statesman
    3 days ago — Shopkeepers in Kabul say the prices and sales of turban and hijab have increased with the Taliban's return to Afghanistan.

    From other OEF thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls' Revere View Post

    Anybody know where all the Afghans that managed to escape are going to?
    Knowing current woke leadership at White House with many people from previous administration of Barack Hussein Obama, won't be surprised if some of these refugees get sent to this Foxnews pundit's neighborhood:

    NPR commentator Juan Williams loses job
    Oct 21, 2010
    ... Juan Williams after he said on Fox's “The O'Reilly Factor” that people wearing Muslim garb on airplanes made him “worried” and “nervous.

    US prepares to house thousands of Afghan refugees on American military installations
    Fox News
    23 hours ago

    You Can Help Afghan Refugees Get Resettled in the DC Area
    10 hours ago

    At least 324 Afghan refugees to be resettled in Texas cities amid Taliban takeover
    8 hours ago

    How to help Afghan refugees: volunteers, donations needed in Virginia, DC and Maryland
    7 hours ago

    Md., Va. governors ‘ready and willing’ to take in more Afghan refugees
    7 hours ago

    'We're a state of refuge': Governor Gavin Newsom welcomes Afghan refugees to California
    3 hours ago

    Houston set to welcome Afghanistan refugees escaping country after Taliban's takeover
    1 hour ago

    (uncompassionate--> ) Hungary to Refuse Afghan Refugees, Won't Make Citizens Pay for U.S.' 'Flawed' Decisions
    11 hours ago

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    I see the baby with a bottle in its mouth. Who is that baby interpreting for? and what vital assistance di it give to help the US?

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    Not sure if this answers your question but heard a mil expert on CBS news today call on Prez Biden to ensure that whole families are evac'd , he further stated that nuclear family there included extended family members, parents also (paraphrasing).


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    Latest reports suggest historic airlift of about 100,000 people (6 out of 7 were afghans) had taken place during last week and half and efforts were underway to settle the refugees in US, Europe and other countries. Numbers cited below are from coulple of days ago.

    Eager to Shift Narrative, Biden Team Puts Airlift in Historical Context

    In describing evacuation efforts, President Biden has referred to the Berlin airlift more than 70 years ago, in which food was flown into a city whose access had been choked off by the Soviet Union.

    When President Biden briefly referred to the Berlin airlift — the operation 73 years ago to feed a city whose access had been choked off by the Soviet Union — in describing the United States’ evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, he was revealing the inspiration for a broader plan to redeem his messy exit.
    After 10 days of missed signals, desperate crowds and violence around Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Mr. Biden and his team are eager to shift the narrative about the chaotic end of America’s longest war.

    As of Tuesday evening, Mr. Biden said that 12,000 people were evacuated from Kabul during the previous 12 hours, the result of 19 military flights and 31 coalition flights. That brings the total number evacuated since the end of July to 75,900 people, the president said — well beyond the upper limits of what the Pentagon said was possible only days earlier.

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    Afghan refugees at Wisconsin Army base lack complete vetting but can leave any time, House member says

    Tori Richards
    Thu, September 2, 2021

    A House Republican who toured an Afghan refugee camp at Fort McCoy Army base in Wisconsin has voiced his alarm after learning most of the inhabitants are not visa holders and can leave at any time.
    Rep. Tom Tiffany toured the base last week and told the Washington Examiner he was alarmed to discover President Joe Biden’s statements of complete vetting were untrue. The refugees at the base have no visas and haven’t undergone the standard vetting process.
    “Does this mean they have ties to the Taliban, ISIS, or al Qaeda? Do they have ties to terror organizations yet [the State Department] just says we are fully vetting them?” Tiffany asked. “I am concerned that they don’t have the information on background to make sure they are fully vetted.”

    Tiffany was told the base had 3,000 refugees and that the number could swell to 10,000.
    Vetting is a 14-step process that takes between 18 and 24 months, according to former acting Department of Homeland Security Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli. The United States normally processes about 750 applications per year, but “now, all of a sudden, we are going to do 18,000 and their families in weeks or months? That is not realistic,” he said.

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    Pope's leadership on refugees is back in play:

    Pope Francis Is Urging The World's Nations To Take In Afghan Refugees

    September 5, 2021
    The Associated Press

    VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis is encouraging countries to welcome Afghan refugees who are seeking a new life.
    During his appearance to the public in St. Peter's Square on Sunday, Francis also prayed that displaced persons inside Afghanistan receive assistance and protection.
    "In these tumultuous moments, in which Afghans are seeking refuge, I pray for the most vulnerable among them, I pray so that many countries welcome and protect all those seeking a new life," Francis said.
    The pope didn't cite the Taliban or their policies, but added: "may young Afghans receive an education, which is essential for human development."


    US to give each incoming Afghan evacuee up to $2,275 in aid

    Pope washes feet of Muslim refugees, will it influence US stance on refugees?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Afghan food is great. Importing Islamic (or socialist) extremists is not a good idea.

    But we can trust government to thoroughly vet all incoming immigrants, right?
    "Will you vote for whoever promises to give you free $#!&? Welcome to the Land of the Free."
    Share your love of liberty with our libertarian clothing and 2nd Amendment shirts. Or check out Thought Grenades (our blog) and our conservative news aggregator (think Drudge - but better).

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    Pol says she was barred from photographing tent city for Afghan refugees

    By Bruce Golding

    September 8, 2021 7:01pm

    Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) toured resettlement operations at an Air Force base on the outskirts of her home town in southern New Mexico. Jacqueline Devine/Daily News via AP

    Military officials blocked a Republican lawmaker from taking photos inside a New Mexico refugee camp where Afghan immigrants are free to leave anytime — even though 14 have tested positive for COVID-19, according to a report Wednesday.

    US Rep. Yvette Herrell (R-NM) told the Daily Mail that she was granted a tour of the tent city set up at the Holloman Air Force Base outside Alamogordo on Tuesday after initially being denied access, and saw 150 refugees get off a Southwest Airlines flight.
    “They get them off the plane, they showed us the process,” she said.
    “They’re fatigued, they’re tired, they’re hungry. They right away give them a refreshment, you know, water, some food, then they go through a very quick screening.”
    Herrell told the Mail that she was prevented from photographing conditions inside the camp, although the Defense Department’s US Northern Command posted select photos of the visit on its official Twitter account.

    Gen VanHerck and SgtMaj Porterfield, along with New Mexico representatives, met with task force leaders today at @HollomanAFB to see firsthand the @DeptofDefense support to #OperationAlliesWelcome.
    — U.S. Northern Command (@USNorthernCmd) September 8, 2021

    Herrell reportedly described seeing tents that covered “several thousand square feet” and were sectioned off with heavy black plastic to create sleeping quarters, as well as a multi-purpose room, a cafeteria and showers.
    US officials have said they’re building “eight small cities” to house a total of 50,000 Afghan refugees at military bases across the country, with the largest contingent — about 8,800 — at US Army Fort McCoy in western Wisconsin.


    MK told she should be killed after advocating Israel take Afghan refugees

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    U.S. pauses inbound flights with Afghan evacuees after 4 cases of measles detected

    Published Fri, Sep 10 2021 3:43 PM EDT Updated Moments Ago
    Kevin Breuninger

    • The U.S. temporarily paused inbound flights carrying evacuees from Afghanistan “out of an abundance of caution” after four cases of measles were diagnosed, the White House said Friday.
    • Those Afghans are in quarantine in accordance with public health guidelines, and the CDC has begun contact-tracing steps, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said.
    • Measles is a highly contagious virus that can be spread through coughing or sneezing.


    Biden administration requests $6.4 billion in funding to resettle Afghan refugee

    'Sit Down and Shut Up': Alexander Vindman Fires Back at Ohio Republican Over Afghan Refugees

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    Mapped: Afghan refugees headed to 46 states

    Thu, September 16, 2021
    The Biden administration notified governors and mayors on Wednesday of the number of Afghan evacuees their state is expected to receive in the coming weeks, two senior administration officials told Axios.

    Why it matters: Although their exact immigration pathway is still unclear, an initial group of 37,000 Afghans will soon be headed to states across the country after many faced harrowing journeys from Afghanistan.

    Get market news worthy of your time with Axios Markets. Subscribe for free.

    • Former Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (D), who President Biden appointed on Friday to oversee Afghan resettlement, made calls to state and local leaders notifying them on the number of Afghans to expect.
    • In conversations with nearly every state on Wednesday, not one official declined to take in Afghans, one senior administration official told Axios. "I have to say it was a very warm conversation with with state and local leaders."

    By the numbers: California is projected to receive the largest number of Afghans at 5,255. Next is Texas, at 4,481, according to State Department data obtained by Axios.

    • Hawaii, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming are the only states not slated to receive anyone from the first group of evacuees, along with Washington, D.C.
    • AP first reported on the numbers.

    The big picture: The 37,000 is just the first group of Afghans who will be making new homes in American communities. Because they are not coming through the usual refugee process, caring for this population has come with numerous legal and logistical hurdles for groups in charge of their resettlement.

    • Even the housing crunch has had an impact. The administration has been assured by refugee resettlement agencies that the evacuees in the initial group have places to live, an official said.
    • The administration is also looking at launching new resettlement sites in places that have more affordable housing and job opportunities.


    Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag resigns over Afghanistan crisis

    September 16, 2021
    Outgoing Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag speaks to the press as she resigns at the House of Representatives in the Hague, in the Netherlands, on September 16, 2021.
    (CNN)Dutch Foreign Minister Sigrid Kaag announced her resignation on Thursday after a majority of the Dutch parliament said she had mishandled the Afghanistan evacuation crisis, a press officer from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs told CNN.

    France is nervous about welcoming a wave of Afghan refugees

    20 August 2021
    But there is another reason why many in France are hesitant about accepting an uncontrolled number of Afghans into their country. They recall how tens of thousands of Afghans (20,000 alone in the city of Héra) took to the streets in 2015, a fortnight after Islamists had shot dead the staff of Charlie Hebdo, to protest against the magazine's subsequent issue that depicted the prophet on its front cover.
    And they remember, too, another demonstration against the satirical magazine in 2019 that lasted three days and involved furious protestors burning the French flag, chanting 'Death to France'. This was a time when Afghanistan was supposedly liberal and enlightened, free from the ultra-conservatism of the Taliban.
    Twenty years ago, France welcomed a wave of refugees from Chechnya who were fleeing the war with Russia; a minority have subsequently become radicalised, and in recent years there have been two brutal Islamist atrocities committed by young men of Chechen origin, including the beheading last October of the schoolteacher Samuel Paty.

    Gandhara, RFE/RL
    Rally Held In South Afghanistan In Support Of Charlie Hebdo Attackers

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    US House to approve $6.3B for Afghan refugee resettlement

    Most Republicans in Congress support the funding for Afghan refugees

    Funding will bolster US government agencies’ Afghan refugee resettlement efforts after Kabul evacuation in August.

    A US Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft lined up at Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar to evacuate Afghans fleeing Kabul [File: Olivier Douliery/Pool via AP Photo] 21 Sep 2021

    The US House of Representatives is moving to approve $6.3bn in emergency assistance to help resettle Afghan refugees in the United States after the country’s evacuation operation from Kabul last month.
    The funds are part of a larger $28.6bn disaster relief and stopgap government funding bill expected to be passed in the House on Tuesday evening – but could face an uphill battle in the US Senate.

    “This funding will ensure the government agencies involved in the resettlement process have the capacity necessary to help our Afghan allies build new lives in safety in the United States,” said Representative Deborah Ross, a House Democrat.
    House Democratic leaders attached the emergency assistance to legislation to fund the US government, which faces a partial shutdown at midnight on September 30 without stopgap funding.
    Most Republicans in Congress support the funding for Afghan refugees, thousands of whom have been resettled in the US to date, including translators and others who helped US forces over the nation’s 20-year mission in Afghanistan.

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