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Thread: Rep. Paul Gosar (R) AZ - Introduces 10 year immigration moratorium legislation

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    Exclamation Rep. Paul Gosar (R) AZ - Introduces 10 year immigration moratorium legislation

    I support and agree with this.

    Gosar Sponsors 10-Year Moratorium on All Immigration

    WASHINGTON D.C. - This week, Congressman Paul A. Gosar, D.D.S (AZ-04) issued the following statement after introducing legislation providing a 10-year moratorium on all immigration into the United States:

    ďAmerica is a nation of laws. And like every country on earth, it has laws limiting how and when, and who, can come into our borders. Not just to visit, to live and work.

    The current regime is ignoring and actively assisting the violation of our federal laws. The Biden administration has literally and figuratively opened the gates and is waving hundreds of thousands of criminals into our country. We are looking at 2 million criminals being let in this year alone. On top of over 30 million already here.

    Then to harm our people more, the Biden administration uses tax money to pay for transportation, fancy hotels (one in Scottsdale, Arizona), food and health care for these illegal aliens. Meanwhile Americans suffer with inflation and low wages.

    We canít have legal immigration when we have rampant illegal alien invaders. This is a threat to our national security and our economy and to our citizens.

    With the destruction of President Trumpís solid immigration enforcement, and current disregard and violation of existing federal law, Mr. Biden has unleashed the most severe border and humanitarian crisis in United States history. No other nation, save England and Germany, has willingly participated in its own economic and cultural destruction. No American voted for this desecration. The laws have not been changed. This is lawless criminality.

    With millions of Americans including our veterans who are now unemployed, homeless, or living in poverty we need to take care of one another before we allow millions to migrate here. Time to pause migration to America and figure out how to put the American people first,Ē said Rep. Paul Gosar.
    According to government's own numbers, over half a MILLION people are dead, just in the US alone, because of a man made virus designed to be even more deadly than what would be found in nature, released, possibly on purpose, from a Chinese lab, a virus that that was created from funding and prior research given to the Chinese scientists by our own government because we, in fit of sanity, pulled the plug on funding here.

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    Based Paul Gosar.

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    I prefer "until further notice" but this is a good start to the conversation that must be had.
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    Ive supported this as the place to start for decades.
    Do something Danke

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