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Thread: The Worst Summer Colds Ever

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    The Worst Summer Colds Ever

    Yet, another unintended consequence...
    Months of pandemic restrictions aimed at Covid-19 had the unintended but welcome effect of stopping flu, cold and other viruses from spreading. But now that masks are off and social gatherings, hugs and handshakes are back, the run-of-the-mill viruses that cause drippy noses, stuffy heads, coughs and sneezes have also returned with a vengeance.

    “Frequent exposure to various pathogens primes or jazzes up the immune system to be ready to respond to that pathogen,” said Dr. Paul Skolnik, an immunovirologist and chair of internal medicine at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine. “If you’ve not had those exposures, your immune system may be a little slower to respond or doesn’t respond as fully, leading to greater susceptibility to some respiratory infections and sometimes longer or more protracted symptoms.”

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that cases of common respiratory viruses, including respiratory syncytial virus (R.S.V.) and human parainfluenza viruses, which cause typical cold and flu symptoms, are on the rise this summer. The spike in R.S.V., which can be especially risky to the very young and very old, is particularly unusual for this time of year, said a spokeswoman at the C.D.C., which plans to release a report this week about the pandemic’s effect on a variety of respiratory viruses. The surge in R.S.V. was most notable in several southern states, but the virus has begun to crop up all over the country. Its spread has been tracked primarily in young children, some of whom have been hospitalized with severe symptoms.
    Welp, looks like we gotta lockdown forever.
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    Its spread has been tracked primarily in young children, some of whom have been hospitalized with severe symptoms.
    Are they regularly wearing masks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptUSA View Post
    Yet, another unintended consequence...

    Welp, looks like we gotta lockdown forever.
    Summer colds and flus generally result from being indoors in air conditioning inside of being outside.

    But yes, it's possible colds and flus will come back with a vengeance due to unexercised immune systems, especially among the young who may not have been exposed to anything like them.
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