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Thread: Socialism Has Poisoned Every Aspect of Cuban Life

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    Socialism Has Poisoned Every Aspect of Cuban Life

    Socialism Has Poisoned Every Aspect of Cuban Life | Guest: Martha Bueno

    Matt Kibbe talks to Martha Bueno, Candidate for Miami Dade County Commissioner and the daughter of Cuban immigrants, about the developing situation in Cuba, where locals are rising up in protest against government oppression. Bueno recounts the ways in which her whole life has been haunted by the specter of Latin American socialism, and explains what the situation is really like for people living in Cuba today. While American politicians like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continue to apologize for socialist policies, people who have actually lived it know that the answer is freedom, not socialism.
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    It's all a load of bollocks because the U.S. IS A SOCIALIST country now. End of Story.

    Our socialism is MORE poisonous than the Cuban, especially in the last few years.

    No American billionaire club - and International Banking Elites - have the right to take over another country
    just to force their corporate control over it, to buy its most pristine real estate and turn the population into wage slaves.

    What hurts Venezuela and Cuba - and any "non-aligned" country that dares to resist the N.W.O. bankers ?
    Sanctions, CIA plots and crime from abroad.

    If these people want to overthrow the Cuban Government, let them lace up their boots and sail over there with machine guns.

    So sick and tired of people who can't mind their own damn business. Like she's the only one - or Cuba is the only foreign country
    that had ISSUES AND BAD TIMES - so the immigrants came to the US ? Italy, Germany, Ireland, England, Canada (yes, French Canada)
    and SO MANY MORE COUNTRIES had bad times and immigrants came - so let it be... NO MORE REGIME CHANGE AMERICANS. NO MORE PLOTS

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