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Thread: Dr. Rand Paul talks about Dr. Fauci's Lies and Misinformation - May 19,

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    Dr. Rand Paul talks about Dr. Fauci's Lies and Misinformation - May 19,

    "Foreign aid is taking money from the poor people of a rich country, and giving it to the rich people of a poor country." - Ron Paul
    "Beware the Military-Industrial-Financial-Pharma-Corporate-Internet-Media-Government Complex." - B4L update of General Dwight D. Eisenhower
    "Debt is the drug, Wall St. Banksters are the dealers, and politicians are the addicts." - B4L
    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul

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    Good for Rand concerning the compliance masks, which can be taken off.

    It seems, however, that Rand is a proponent of the Warp Speed shots [on a voluntary basis], which cannot be taken off, claiming that they do work, even though 2, 5, 10+ year studies do not exist, as well as the number of people dying or suffering negative ramifications.

    Rand could have summed everything up by stating that “Government Has No Business in Healthcare”, and only you and your private physician should be discussing any/all medications and the possible side affects they may cause if/when combined with other personal health related matters.

    This “virus” has a 99.x+% survival rate, but Rand said the “vaccine is safe”.

    What a way to expose Fauci/Gates/M(edical)IC.
    “The right to life is the source of all rights—and the right to property is their only implementation. Without property rights, no other rights are possible. Since man has to sustain his life by his own effort, the man who has no right to the product of his effort has no means to sustain his life. The man who produces while others dispose of his product, is a slave.”

    An Agorist Primer

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