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Thread: Fauci: 'Masks Forever!'

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    Fauci: 'Masks Forever!'

    Fauci: 'Masks Forever!'

    During his weekly media blitz over the weekend, Fauci claimed that Americans should be ready for more mask mandates into the indefinite future. He claims the masks eliminated the flu during the Covid outbreak. Did they? Also today, Dallas boxing match draws 70,000+ as Texas infections continue to drop off the map.
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    Does he have any communication with the CDC?
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    I think this is taken out of context. You have to do some more reading.

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    Idiocracy. Most people wearing facemasks are wearing the wrong kind. It is rather a statement or hysteria? Perhaps there is some protection indoors, but no proven cases outdoors. Mask wearers are slaves. The kind of people that are easily collaborated by gov't and infkuenced social pressure. Losers.

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