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Thread: Progressives on the rise: Liz Cheney replacement Elise Stefanik is a Climate Change believer

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    Post Progressives on the rise: Liz Cheney replacement Elise Stefanik is a Climate Change believer

    In paralle to rise of Dems progressive squad, NYC progressive values groomed Trump's rise over past 5 years maked a major GOP shift on diversiy, social justice issues and 180 degree shift on DOMA/LGBTQ rights stances. GOP this week also elected to leadersgip role a strong believer of Climate Change theory:

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    Another RINO Neocon Progressive

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sammy View Post
    Another RINO Neocon Progressive
    Could be.
    But this GOP progressive could also help fix problems with past Climate Change activists by standing up for our closest allies on the global stage.

    Rep. Elise Stefanik
    Apr 26
    ...why is @ClimateEnvoy selling out our ally, Israel, to our adversary, Iran?

    Rep. Elise Stefanik
    Apr 26
    This story confirms what we already know - President Trump was right to take out Soleimani & the US must absolutely NOT renter the Iranian Nuclear Deal!

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    She's a neocon and a progressive.

    But the reason she was elevated to this position is because she's the opposite of a Republican-in-name-only. She represents the heart and soul of the true Republican party. She is an unabashed and uncompromising party loyalist.
    There is nothing to fear from globalism, free trade and a single worldwide currency, but a globalism where free trade is competitively subsidized by each nation, a continuous trade war is dictated by the WTO, and the single currency is pure fiat, fear is justified. That type of globalism is destined to collapse into economic despair, inflationism and protectionism and managed by resurgent militant nationalism.
    Ron Paul
    Congressional Record (March 13, 2001)

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