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Thread: Drew Hancock

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    How Tribalism Suppresses Independent Thought

    In this video, I talk about political tribalism and how people are disincentivized from having thoughts contrary to their own tribes. I also go into why you should read books and not listen to people like me.
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    No, Capitalism Doesn't Create Monopolies (Richard Wolff Response)
    In this video, we look at a segment from Lex Fridman's recent interview with a Marxist named Richard Wolff. It was as bad as you'd expect.

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    No, Capitalists Don't Exploit Workers
    In this video, we hit up our main man Eugen von Bohm-Bawerk again by discussing time preference, interest, and capital, and spend more time talking about Marx's exploitation theory.

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    Prices, Price Gouging, and Economic Calculation (Prices Aren't Arbitrary)
    You may have seen my post yesterday about there being no video for today. SIKE. That wasn't an intentional fake out, I didn't think I'd have this done but I was up late for a work meeting anyway so I banged this out at 2 am.

    In all honesty there are probably mistakes in this that I won't notice until after it's uploaded tomorrow but I hope it's good nonetheless. You should still learn more about the price system from sources that aren't me. There's a lot more to supply and demand than what's covered in this video.

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