Ruger profits by selling murder weapons in Israel, and the U.S.

By Jeff Klein
March 29, 2021
Ali Abu Alia, from twitter

A new campaign – NO RUGER GUNS TO ISRAEL – is being launched March 30 to pressure Sturm Ruger & Co. and the communities where the company operates to stop selling these killer weapons to Israel’s security forces.
The Firearms maker Ruger is getting some unwelcome publicity these days. One of its semi-automatic AR-556 assault guns was used to massacre 10 innocent people in Boulder, Colorado, last week, prompting renewed calls for banning militarized weapons in the US.
But Ruger has also been profiting for a long time from sales of its killer 10/22 sniper rifles to Israel. Israel uses the deadly Ruger rifles for what it calls “crowd-control.”

Crowd control, Israeli-style, using Ruger weapons. Israel claims that the Ruger 10/22 rifles, equipped with silencers and telescopic sights, are “less-lethal” weapons because of their small caliber. But in fact these are live-fire guns which have killed numerous Palestinians over the years. Recently, that includes hundreds of unarmed protesters killed or wounded in the blockaded Gaza strip and others in the occupied West Bank. Many Palestinian young men have been permanently disabled by the deployment of IDF snipers who used the Ruger rifles to intentionally target protest leaders or activists, especially in the legs.


A Palestinian mother called the Israeli police to help her son with a mental illness. They shot him instead.

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