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Thread: Ukraine: Biden pledges US military support against Russia

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    Ukraine: Biden pledges US military support against Russia

    Biden Holds First Call With Ukraine’s President, Promises ‘Unwavering’ Support Amid Russia Tensions
    Zelensky said Biden promised him that 'Ukraine will never be left alone' against what he called 'Russia's aggression'

    Kiev forces keep shelling Donetsk with 120 mm mortars on Friday

    Russian troops massing near Ukraine border - panic on edge of Europe as UK issues alert | World | News |

    The DPR reported the death of a child after being hit by a Ukrainian drone
    According to the People's Militia of the DPR, another person received injuries of varying severity

    The Kremlin has allowed the US/Ukraine attack on Donbass to go on far too long. Will war be the result?

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    Ukraine Ministry of Defence: US has pledged military support

    Moscow warns of ‘measures’ against any Western troop deployment in Ukraine, as Kiev cites guarantees of US support in a conflict

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    Russian embassy smoke, gangs threaten to kill staff
    same channel coup in Jordan ?

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    Ukraine says joint military drills with NATO to begin in a few months
    Sat, April 3, 2021

    Russian analyst warns European or world war could break out in Ukraine

    ^ If Russia is determined not to allow NATO expansion into Ukraine, this is it. They will take it down.

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    Ukraine joining NATO would not only benefit Kiev, but would also serve to strengthen US-led bloc, country’s army chief insists

    EU pledges backing to Ukraine after Russian military buildup

    U.S. has asked Russia to explain 'provocations' on Ukraine border -State Department

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    Interesting Timing.

    NATO's largest military exercises since the Cold War, Defender Europe 2021, will take place in May-June. Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova will be actively involved in the war games.
    Читайте больше на

    Russian President Vladimir Putin is to address the Federal Assembly on April 21, his press secretary Dmitry Peskov said. The venue of the event has not yet been disclosed
    Читайте больше на

    War Between Russia And Ukraine Is Inevitable: Opinion
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    Why do I have a suspicion this protects the Biden business interest there.

    We're being governed ruled by a geriatric Alzheimer patient/puppet whose strings are being pulled by an elitist oligarchy who believe they can manage the world... imagine the utter maniacal, sociopathic hubris!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pauls' Revere View Post
    Why do I have a suspicion this protects the Biden business interest there.
    Why do I have a suspicion that you are a Russian disinformation agent?

    Reported to Danke for further investigation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Occam's Banana View Post
    Why do I have a suspicion that you are a Russian disinformation agent?

    Reported to Danke for further investigation.
    Wait til I screw with the 2024 elections.

    We're being governed ruled by a geriatric Alzheimer patient/puppet whose strings are being pulled by an elitist oligarchy who believe they can manage the world... imagine the utter maniacal, sociopathic hubris!

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    Ukraine’s military has scrambled territorial defense units amid the unfolding threat of an all-out Russian invasion as masses of fresh regular forces concentrate near Ukraine’s borders, with NATO and United States ringing alarm.

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    can't keep up. go to twitter.

    Ukraine emergency meeting.

    Shelling has killed Ukrainian soldiers in Donbass.

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    Former American army Russell Bentley who has been a citizen of the Donetsk People's Republic
    and living there and fighting since it all started 7 years ago

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    Ukraine shells Donbass airport today
    President of Ukraine Zelensky met with NATO Military Committee Chairman Sir Stuart Peach
    Update: Getting unconfirmed reports that Ukraine is calling up about 100,000 reservists for duty.

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    Merkel to Putin: "Please stop…"

    According to international and Russian media, German Chancellor Angela Merkel asked Russian President Vladimir Putin during their telephone conversation not to increase the presence of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine.

    For his part, Russian President Vladimir Putin was adamant.

    He blamed Kiev for provocative actions in eastern Ukraine that sparked tensions, and issued an ultimatum to Merkel to suspend Ukrainian operations in Donbass, otherwise Ukraine would probably cease to exist in its current form.

    The same was said later by the Kremlin's deputy spokesman for the Ukrainian issue, Kozak, who threatened, saying:

    "The start of hostilities in Donbas will be the beginning of the end of Ukraine"

    Iskander transported Russia to the Ukrainian border

    What is certain is that Russia also transported Iskander ballistic systems to the Ukrainian border.

    Photos and videos were leaked a while ago. This is one of the most worrying developments in the Ukrainian issue.

    The Iskanders with a range of more than 500 km "seal" a huge Ukrainian area and in combination with the Russian artillery that has been transferred, will not leave anything standing in their way.

    T-90 against M2 Bradley and FV101 Scorpion!

    The Russians reported that NATO delivered military equipment to Ukraine through Poland. Specifically, they report that American TOMA M2 Bradley and the light British battle tank FV101 Scorpion were delivered!

    US and British aid is being transferred to the line of confrontation in Donbas.

    The incident, the Russians say, sounded the alarm and forced Moscow to in turn transport T-90A tanks.

    It is not unlikely that the Russians will tell the truth, as a few days ago there was information that the US is transferring forces from the Middle East to Eastern Europe, while yesterday Russia spoke of "NATO forces on the territory of Ukraine."

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    @Danke, do something before innocent ladies are killed...
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    Ukraine Invokes NATO's Mutual Defense Clause

    US Warships to Enter Black Sea in 'Significant Signal' to Russia

    Putin Accuses Ukraine of 'Dangerous Provocative Actions'

    Russia Alarmed Over NATO Nations' Militarization of the Arctic

    Poland: Nord Stream 2 Pipeline 'Present Danger to Peace in Europe'

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    Biden Declares National Emergency: US and NATO Brand Russia an International Pariah

    “Pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), I hereby report that I have issued an Executive Order declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by specified harmful foreign activities of the Government of the Russian Federation.”

    North Atlantic Council Statement following the announcement by the United States of actions with regard to Russia
    Issued on 15 April 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snowball View Post
    The DPR reported the death of a child after being hit by a Ukrainian drone
    According to the People's Militia of the DPR, another person received injuries of varying severity
    I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but how many children died in drone strikes when Biden was VP? I wonder how many have died so far in Biden's first 100 days as president? This reminds me of how the jackasses in the media manipulated ignorant people with the infamous "Alleppo kid" photo. And that kid was actually okay.

    Edit: I just realized that the DPR (Donbass People's Republic) is the side against Biden (I think) and they are releasing the story of the drone killed boy. I never heard of the Donbass before today. Which goes to show why we have no business being involved in this. I propose a constitutional amendment that we can't get involved in military conflicts in places polls show the average American has never heard of. Either there will be fewer wars or a lot more time and money spent on geography education.
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    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. No need to make it a superhighway.
    Quote Originally Posted by osan View Post
    The only way I see Trump as likely to affect any real change would be through martial law, and that has zero chances of success without strong buy-in by the JCS at the very minimum.

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    Looks like Biden wants to get WW3 started immediately.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Does this mean that the American (and other NATO countries) troops that are withdrawn from Afghanistan won't be coming home?!?
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    There is simply too much news to report here today.

    I recommend sites like Southfront, Antiwar, Sputnik, Express UK, Newsweek, Breitbart, etc.

    China drills to invade Taiwan. Warns Taiwan to cut US ties or it will attack.
    Russia closes air space over Crimea and in Black Sea as its air fleet is massive there now
    US sends dozens of F-15 and F-16 fighter jets to Poland - flown by American pilots.
    Navalny near death. Protests likely. Putin speech tomorrow.

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    We should start a pool on what the false flag will be. I personally see the revival of a classic, An "attack" on one of those ships protecting our borders from the Black Sea.

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