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Thread: Anti-Asian Crime In California

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    Anti-Asian Crime In California

    Anti-Asian Crime In California

    There is an increase in crimes against Asians in California. As a matter of fact, California is the hot-spot for crimes against Asians in America. It's a terrible situation, and especially outrageous when an elderly person is randomly attacked on the street, sometimes dying from their injuries. Something must be done.

    To address the issue of increased crime, we must look at the causes. Changes in California law and lax enforcement from prosecutors and District Attorneys has created an epidemic of crime. Instead of jailing repeat offenders, they are released to continue committing crimes.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, massive numbers of criminals were released from jails and prisons in California. Some of those criminals would return to committing offenses, further exacerbating the crime problem.

    There are no consequences for most crimes in California. There is no effort at all to stop petty theft such as shoplifting. Breaking the windows of automobiles and stealing anything of value has become more of a popular past time in California than a crime. Street robbery is common, and sometimes results in injuries or death to the victims.

    The mentally ill and addicted roam the streets, defecating whenever they feel the need. Many street assaults come from the mentally ill, whether it be shouting obscenities or slurs at people, to spitting on people, to in the worst cases, attacking and even killing people.

    All of these types of crimes are committed against Asians. While they are sometimes termed hate crimes, in the larger sense, they are crimes that are committed against everyone. These crimes know no racial or ethnic boundaries.

    When will politicians do something about this crime that they themselves have created? Indignant, self-serving speeches and hasty new hate crime spending will not solve the problem, it doesn't even address the problem! Something must be done. Politicians will place the blame anywhere but on themselves, but that is where the blame really lies.
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